6 Gag Gifts to Send in the Mail

by LDR Mag
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Who doesn’t love a good gag every once in a while? Whether you’re far apart or just around the corner, here are 6 great DIY gag gifts you can send to anyone!

1. Mail a bag of faux Doritos.

Doritos bag 2

Fill with something other than Doritos to really throw them off. Source.

2. Send some doughnut seeds!


Include the warning not to eat them, since everyone knows seeds will grow inside you. Source.

3. Send someone a nice, elegant boob scarf.


It’ll be a gift they’ll never forget. Source.

4. Send them a Jar of Nothing.


A perfect gag gift for just about anyone. Source.

5. Dehydrated Water


While technically just an empty can, This stuff will last forever. Source

Remember: The best gag gifts are the ones that you don’t get on April 1st. The element of surprise is always more surprising when gag gifts are sent when they least expect it!

photo ©2011 Steven Depolo, Flickr

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