DIY Carton of Long Distance Kisses! – Free Printable!

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Ever wanted to kiss your long distance guy or gal but the distance made it physically impossible? Aren’t you tired of the lack of kisses, hugs and cuddles?!

Well we can’t promise to remedy this problem for you by inventing  a way to kiss from a distance, but you CAN send smiles across the miles to that special someone with this free adorable DIY Carton of Long Distance Kisses! You can send them to just about ANYONE.

Steps for use:

  1. Print, Cut & assemble the carton for your kisses. Takes about 5-10 minutes, easy!
  2. Cut out each of the individual kisses and fold in half.
  3. Write a little message inside of each kiss and slip inside your carton
  4. Seal shut with the provided slot and hand deliver or mail your kisses to your long distance love!

This is a great project for long distance lovers, long distance dads or Moms and makes a really easy activity for kids who have family that live far away. You can send one carton to a special person or send many to everyone you know!

Download this free adorable DIY Carton of Long Distance Kisses, & send someone some love today!


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