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LDR Stationery Set


LDR Stationery Set

This printable stationery paper is the perfect choice for anyone in a long distance relationship.

Designed specifically FOR Long distance couples, it features tons of great features that make this the ultimate long distance relationship stationery package!

With over 50 different stationery pieces available and some pretty amazing printables you have everything you need to send 30 different combinations of long distance letters to anyone!

Here’s whats included in this awesome kit:

♥ 6 envelope mail labels
♥ 6 writing prompt cards
♥ 2 sticker sheets
♥ 6 LDR Greeting Cards
♥ 50+ Stationery Papers in varying styles
♥ 6 envelope liners

Envelopes are not included, but liners will fit into any standard A2 Envelopes!




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