Spice Up Your LDR – How To Keep Things Sexy

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I guess this post is mainly directed to those who have a sexual aspect to their LDR. But it can also relate to those who just want to feel sexy for their love.

Whether you love sending a naughty pic or video to your love or if you sending a selfie to your partner is already racy, this is all about being comfortable with yourself and how to go about it if you’re unsure.  Here are some tips to give you some food for thought to be sexy in your LDR!

First and foremost, you have to be comfortable with what you send to your LDR

There is nothing more worse than being uncomfortable with something you yourself put out there and you regret every moment after you send it.

Whether it was peer pressure or if your love told you that they would love something sexy from you, don’t press send unless you’re completely comfortable with that image or video of you being in the hands of someone else. So make sure that what you send is something that you wouldn’t be ashamed of or embarrassed if seen by another set of eyes.

Sending nudes or acting like a porn star doesn’t necessarily make you more sexier

Unless your personality is of a “porn star” or “centerfold”, then don’t think that showing your naked body is necessarily the go-to move. Sure, it will get your love’s heart racing. But remember to be comfortable with yourself and what you send. There are so many other ways to be sexy. Show a little skin if YOU feel that’s the way to make you feel comfortable in your OWN skin.

Don’t be conscious of what others think. If you feel confident and it shows, that’s sexy!

There is nothing more sexier than being comfortable in your own skin. It’s like the confidence is gleaming throughout your body! So once you have this down pat, your love will no doubt be going goo-goo gaga over you! So grab your confidence and shine!

Being experimental can take things to another level!

Showing your love that you have different elements to you can really bring out your sexiness. Are you a quiet person but can sing beautifully? Are you normally shy but want to send your love pictures or videos of a side that they haven’t seen of you?

Having an element of surprise or doing something that’s unexpected can really turn your partner on! So get creative! You’re in a LDR and changing things up and making things spicy can add a kick into your relationship, which helps keep the love alive!

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