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SIX Open When Printable Kits!

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SIX Open When Printable Kits!

Looking for a heartfelt gift to give to that special someone? Having a hard time thinking of items, messages and trinkets to place inside of your open when letters? Look no further!

This set of SIX open when printable kits include 12+ printable inserts EACH to place inside your open when letter! Love notes, quotes, banners, etc. Crafty or not, now anyone can create their own perfect gift for that perfect someone whether it’s a friend, family member or sweetheart!

Our Open When Letter Kits Contain:

  • TONS of Love Note prompts
  • Beautiful Typographic Quotes
  • Mini photo albums & Notebooks
  • Creative Idea Prompts
  • & Lots More!

Consider your search for ideas of what to put inside your open when letters OVER when you purchase these DIY kits!

This product is an instant download. When purchased, it will be delivered to your email address where you will be prompted to download it. Please note that sales of all digital products are final.

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5 reviews for SIX Open When Printable Kits!

  1. Jazelle

    I absolutely love this. SO much cheaper then the overpriced stuff on Etsy and this is way more stylized than ones that are twice the price. I cant wait to give them to my boyfriend!

  2. Maria

    You still have to buy envelopes that are big enough for all this but this is super cute! especially for LDR!

  3. Sarah

    better than I expcted. thnx

  4. Trisha Janine

    I dont know how to purchase it pls help me i really need to know it

  5. Hailey

    Love this just wish it was bigger (more ‘open when’s’) for the price

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