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Long Distance Wedding Planning: Tips from 2 Brides

These Long Distance brides have some wonderful tips to share! They are successfully organizing and surviving planning a long distance wedding from afar. Are you looking to plan your own Long Distance Wedding? Not sure what to expect or how to go about doing so? Keep reading to hear some of their personal…

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How Not Having A Big Wedding Made Me Feel

An LDR can take on many guises, you could be dating long distance, planning a wedding and traversing your engagement, or (like me) your marriage is conducted miles apart. I got married to my husband in Ohio, USA in 2009 and returned to the UK shortly after our union for what we thought…

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How To Plan Your Long Distance Wedding, Part 2: Planning & Scheduling From Afar

Read Part I of our LDR Wedding How-to Series: Choosing Your Wedding Type ➨ Generally speaking (but not always), long distance wedding planning may be done from a distance. The Bride and Groom may not have easy access to resources in the vicinity of where their wedding will take place because they are planning…

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