LDR Mag is a go-to hub for people in long distance relationships who want to improve their lives, their relationships, and have fun while waiting out the distance.

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Launched in 2010 as a community for long distance couples, friends and families, LDR Mag is a quickly expanding community of amazing people from all around the world. We all share one common thread: we’re separated from the ones we really care about, but won’t allow distance to be a barrier in any way!

Having access to the right tools & a great support group can really help you along on your journey. As a community we create those tools and breed a positive, fun & supportive mentality, because we believe that long distance relationships don’t have to be boring and that no one should have to tackle their LDR alone.

So, basically: If you’re in a long distance relationship and you’re looking for a way to wait out the distance, improve your relationship, reunite with your partner & have fun while you’re doing it … we’re here to help you do that like the totally epic long-distancer you are.

LDR Mag has also forged other amazing tools for the long distance community, such as LDR Chat, The Long Distance Blogging Network, The LDR Network & the LDR Fund. And we aren’t even finished yet!

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Reader Kudos

Over the years we’ve received so many heartfelt messages of thanks & appreciation for the resources that LDR Magazine provides long distance readers. It’s been our goal to showcase these awesome expressions of thanks for quite some time, because we are so proud of the impact we have been able to make in the LDR community & so thankful to have so many wonderful readers!

Hello LDR Magazine!
I just wanted to thank you for your site and facebook page. You do a great job! The website is easy to navigate, brightly colored, and inviting! I first started following you guys when me and my new boyfriend where in different states for the summer, that was nearly two years ago.

Now that I am studying abroad in Ireland while he is back home in the states working on some life changes of his own, it’s been a great resource!

Just knowing there are so many other couples out there going through the same thing and hearing their remarkable stories and happy endings, it helps me feel less alone and homesick. I especially loved your articles on the different advantages of being long distance. The idea that there are good qualities we get the opportunity to take advantage of really made both of us change our perspectives on our time apart.

You, and all of your contributors, have helped me be a much happier exchange student and helped me appreciate this chance even though I miss him like crazy. <3 Thank you for everything!


I’m Alek and I’ve been in a LDR for over a year. I found out about you early on in our relationship when I was browsing tumblr, looking for advice on how to cope with the distance and improve our relationship. You’ve been an immense help. Thank you!


Hey LDR, you guys have kept my positivity up since I’ve been all over Europe and afghanistan and I wanted to thank you. Thanks again for your site. The great articles, advice and links are perfect! Keep on this great work.


Your page has been fantastic and a great support for me! I just met my love for the first time and the ache after coming back to my country is awful. I cry every day. I just want to be back in his arms. And it will be over a month until I see him again, but your articles are helping me cope. Thank you again for existing. I love your site.


I love your website and blog very much 🙂 I never knew before that there was a website like LDR Magazine and then shortly after I made this blog I learned you have a tumblr too?! Your stuff rocks honestly. I learned about you from Tabby’s interview ‘cause I follow her and I love her work. LDR Magazine is amazing 🙂


Without LDR Magazine, my LDR probably wouldve crumbled months ago. You guys always seem to come out with the article I need right when I need it. For a dumb guy who could barely make his relationship work when we were in person I know for a fact that my girlfriend and I have been able to successfully manage our relationship over 4,300 miles is because of you and your site. Its honestly better than when we were together. Keep up the awesome job!


I just wanted to write and say that you guys are amazing and I hope you keep coming out with new ways to keep the distance fun and fresh! I especially love the printables and my partner loves them too! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!


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