So you’re thinking of becoming a regular contributor for LDR Magazine? Great! But first: There a few things we require of our Contributors, which you can read in the guidelines below.

Once you’re done and you feel all stoked to get started, you contact us here and we’ll get back to you asap!

Information and Submission Guidelines

First, please note that we do not pay contributors for their submissions.  We will, however, give you full attribution—a byline, brief biographical information, a self-photo if desired, and a “Do Follow” link back to your own website/blog.  Also, you are encouraged to include links to your Twitter, Facebook and/or  YouTube and Google+ profile(s).

All content must be LDR related in nature. However, within the overall subject of long distance, just about any topic is fine to include on our website.  You can write about whatever you like so long as it provides value to users visiting  The one exception is that we do not allow articles that are sexually-related, contain profane language or are obscene in nature.

All submitted content MUST be original.  While it is okay to quote from other sources or to link to them, they must be attributed.  Do not submit anything written by anyone else as though it were your own. If we discover you have fraudulently posted someone else’s writings under your name we will also notify the original author and provide them with your identity and you will no longer be able to contribute to LDR Magazine.

Can I re-post my submitted material on my blog or website?

You are welcome to re-post any material you may have written for on your blog(s) and/or website(s), but we require that you include original publishing attributions and a link to the original article at the end of each re-posted article. (Ex. “Article first published at by You”)

If we find that you have re-posted articles you have previously written for and failed to properly attribute them, you will no longer be able to contribute to LDR Magazine and any previous articles you have submitted will be removed.

If after reading our guidelines and author requirements you would like to become an LDR Magazine contributor, You may contact us here to get started!