The Greatest Long Distance Flash Mob Proposal Ever!

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Omar and his girlfriend Susan have been in a long distance relationship for over a year and a half. Of course, being long distance, they’d often go months apart without ever seeing each other.

He relates, “It has been hard being apart for months at a time, and I wanted to prove my commitment to her for life and finally be together always.”

That is why Sunday, Omar created the greatest flash mob proposal ever, for his long distance love. And in fact, being long distance in this case proved to be an advantage in surprising Susan with this unexpected surprise.

With the help of friends and family, Susan was lured into believing that she was needed for a marketing “job” while her boyfriend Omar was away in London. While she worked a flash mob suddenly appeared, singing “Seasons of Love” from her favorite musical “Rent” which Omar had catered to fit the nature of their relationship.

Watching the video, you can hear the acapella group of singers, belting out the lyrics:

“Five thousand, four hundred and thirty seven miles
How do you measure the distance of love?

In day dreams, in skype chats
In parcels, in cute messages
In air miles, in songs, in laughter, in mind
In five thousand, four hundred and thirty seven miles
How do you measure the mountain we’ve climbed?”

Her reaction is truly adorable as she claps along to the singers and exclaims “I love this!” She even goes so far as to give out hugs as she’s being serenaded to. It’s not long after that Omar appears and delivers the lovely proposal to his new fiancé.

“I really wanted to surprise Sue for the proposal, and for her to not see it coming. But I wanted to ask her family for permission first, and to have all her friends and loved ones there to help me make it happen.

That was the hardest part of putting this all together; trying to keep this big event secret from the woman I love and tell everything to. We speak on Skype every day, use Facebook all the time, and just always want to know about each others lives.” He explains.

To see the full proposal for yourself & to read more of Omar’s explanation of how it all went down, view the video here on YouTube & don’t forget to give them happy engagement wishes!

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