Tick Tock. We all hate the countdown from the minute our partners step back onto the plane or however they choose to head back to their home. So begins the countdown to the next time we can see them again. It may be weeks, months or years but can feel like forever.

However long you have you wait, you don’t have to dread the post visitation period if you keep yourselves busy, active and connected. In this article we will share with you 4 ways you and your S/O can enjoy the time apart together as you make your way through the days until you can see each other again,

  1. Make a fun and creative countdown calendar.

    The usual calendar gets very boring to cross off days and phone calendars aren’t that much better. If the two of you create a visual representation of the time remaining you both can see and further appreciate the time and effort you put into your relationship as a whole. Some ideas for a fun and easy time together are a chain link calendar, post-it notes, or even a bubble wrap calendar. Who doesn’t like bubble wrap?

  2. Make a CD that reminds you of them.

    While I’m sure you could pick any number of songs right off the top of your head, why not pick several songs and space them out over time that remind you of them for specific reasons? Perhaps the song reminds you of a certain time of year or special moment. You could also do this digitally and share it with one another via email, chat or webcam if you just can’t wait until the end of the countdown.

  3. Make a short bucket list.

    You could use an actual bucket, or a cup and write down different goals you both would like to do together on strips of paper and as you complete the goals, toss them in the bucket. As time goes on and your bucket fills up, you will have another visual reminder of your work and time together!

  4. Start/Learn a new hobby.

    This one can really make the time go by. Depending on what you choose, like learning a language together or learning to sew, you can really knock off huge chunks of time without even realizing it. Even better you can learn new skills and better yourselves while having fun and enjoying each others company. When you two are reunited perhaps you could make a contest showing off what you learned, winner can choose the next hobby!

What do you and your partner do to pass the time until the next time you can see each other again?