What Are We Looking For From LDR Ambassadors?

So what are we looking for? LDR Ambassadors™ create content that fits into one or more of our categories:

  • Articles –  Advice for long distance relationships or tips from seasoned couples (articles can be tagged in more than one category, e.g. “Couples” and “Tech”)
  • Videos – We can never get enough LDR Videos! Any video that you believe is relevant to the LDR community is welcome. Videos can be spotlighted in our video category or featured in articles
  • Photos – We need images (our version of street style photography) or fabulous photos of your long distance relationships, date nights, etc. (professional and amateur photos welcome)
  • Quizzes – We need interactive quizzes that will make sizing up your LDR fun! These will be featured in our quiz section.

Regular contributors (at least one submission a month) get a dedicated author page, social media promotion and opportunities for homepage slider placement – great exposure for your brand, blog or website.

The more you post, the more exposure you get. You can even submit your own videos, stories, photos and media. Its that’s simple!

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Frequently Asked Questions

[symple_toggle title=”How do I know when my article has been published?” state=”open”] When you article has been published, you’ll receive an email with a link to where your submitted content can be accessed.[/symple_toggle]

[symple_toggle title=”What if I can’t submit something every 30 days?” state=”open”]If you can’t submit at least one article every 30 days, why are you here? While we don’t enforce any penalties, posting articles is a great way to gain exposure for your blog, brand or website. If you aren’t posting articles, you’re missing out on being able to place your website, YouTube channel or other project in front of 500k readers each month.[/symple_toggle]

[symple_toggle title=”What content can’t I submit?” state=”open”] You can submit articles, lists, point of view, personal experiences, interviews, other LDR community member’s stories, video, info-graphics, app reviews -just about anything as long as it’s an LDR related subject. [/symple_toggle]

[symple_toggle title=”Do I get paid for submitting content?” state=”open”] LDR Ambassadors are unpaid. We compensate you by allowing you to boost your website or blog in an author bio that will appear with every post you submit. All posts receive exposure from our 500k monthly readers, our face book page, our twitter handle and our instagram account. Some articles may be shared via email as well. [/symple_toggle]

[symple_toggle title=”Will I be notified if my submission is rejected?” state=”open”] Depending on how many submissions we have to sift through and edit, it can take 30-60 days for a post to be published. If after 60 days from the date of submission, your post does not appear on LDR Magazine it’s probably not content that we can use you can then re-purpose it for use on your own personal website. [/symple_toggle]

[symple_toggle title=”Can I re-publish an article I submit to my personal blog?” state=”open”] No, we don’t allow Ambassadors to re-publish content from LDR Magazine onto their own blogs or websites. You can definitely share a link to your articles or author profile via social media though! [/symple_toggle]

[symple_toggle title=”Can I use rejected content on my personal website?” state=”open”] Yes! If after 60 days from the date of submission, your post does not appear on LDR Magazine it’s probably not content that we can use. You can then re-purpose it for use on your own personal website -but only after the specified 60 day time period. [/symple_toggle]

[symple_toggle title=”Do I own the content I submit?” state=”open”] By submitting content to our publication, you agree that LDR Magazine may use the content you submit for any lawful purpose, including promotional reproduction, display and publication. Worldwide, in perpetuity. You waive any rights to to submitted content that is published to our website.

Short answer: no, we own content that you submit and have the right to use it however we would like once it is published to our website. [/symple_toggle]

[symple_toggle title=”Can I submit content from my personal blog to LDR Mag?” state=”open”] We typically don’t like to publish articles or blog posts that have been published elsewhere. So the short answer would be no. However, if you feel that your post is super noteworthy, super spectacular and viral-worthy we may take you up on your offer. Shoot us an email at hello@ldrmagazine.com with details about the post you want to submit. [/symple_toggle]

[symple_toggle title=”What kind of credit do I actually get when I submit an article?” state=”open”] LDR Ambassadors receive a full author bio, an author photo and a link back to one website as compensation for their articles. The top posting Ambassadors will be featured in the sidebar of LDR Magazine so that readers can easily access your profile and browse your specific articles for additional exposure. Regularly contributing Ambassadors have additional opportunities for homepage slider placement – great exposure for your brand. [/symple_toggle]

[symple_toggle title=”Do you edit my submissions?” state=”open”] We may occasionally edit submissions for clarity, grammar or to match the overall tone of our website. Images may also be added or replaced as needed. [/symple_toggle]

[symple_toggle title=”I’d like to submit a quiz, but what is a quiz outline?” state=”open”] LDR Magazine has a really fun quiz section that readers can use to evaluate or size-up their relationships in fun ways. Quizzes are currently created by hand by our Editing team from Quiz outlines that you submit. Click here to download an easy example of a quiz outline![/symple_toggle]

[symple_toggle title=”Are there any article guidelines I should follow?” state=”open”]We do not accept unsolicited poetry or fiction. Personal essays are sometimes considered if they illuminate a relevant cultural, social, or environmental topic.

We do not endorse any candidate, party, legislation, political position, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, life choice or nationality within our publications although we touch briefly on these issues, to the degree that they relate to our core mission. We do not adhere to any particular spiritual tradition, although we welcome articles that briefly reference faith in connection with the subject matter. We reserve the right to reject articles that delve too deeply into the above subject matter for any reason.

Please submit original non copyrighted content that has been sufficiently proofread, properly formatted and grammatically correct.[/symple_toggle]

[symple_toggle title=”Can I include affiliate links in my articles?” state=”open”] No, unfortunately you cannot. [/symple_toggle]

[symple_toggle title=”Can I self promote my own product, shop or brand?” state=”open”] To keep our publication valuable and free from spam, we have a strict “no self promotion” policy when submitting content unless: It’s a vlog or a personal story that happens to touch on your brand, product or website un-deliberately.

It’s not in our publications best interest to expose our readers to everyone’s sales pitch all the time. LDR Mag is a monetized publication and as such, advertising your product directly to our audience would require purchasing an advertising package from us.

Great news is, as LDR Ambassdors we allow you to craft 1 article devoted to promoting your blog, website, brand or product for every 30 articles from you that are published to the website. Yep, free advertising. [/symple_toggle]

[symple_toggle title=”Can I promote other products, shops, websites or brands for compensation?” state=”open”] No. LDR Magazine is a monetized publication and as such, any potential clients that would like to advertise to our audience would require purchasing an advertising package directly from us. We aren’t running this website on air! [/symple_toggle]

[symple_toggle title=”I’m having an issue, how can I get in touch?” state=”open”] Contact us via the support forum or by email at hello@ldrmagazine.com [/symple_toggle]