Hello, my name is Cody & my partner’s name is Majo. We are a long distance couple that live 2,500 miles away from one another. I live in United States & Majo lives in Mexico and this is our Long Distance Love Story.

How Maijo & I Met

I first met Majo when I was studying abroad through my colleges study abroad program in the Spring of 2013. I went to Mexico with a girl I had been dating for 4 years but things were a mess. It was the typical high school boyfriend/girlfriend relationship and things were essentially over.

About a month into the program the group of students I was studying with was told we had to go a local university and be assigned language partners. Upon arriving I noticed a girl in the back of the room but never really thought twice about it. Later, when it was time to learn of our partners, the girl I had first noticed drew my name randomly out of a hat from my program director.

We were required to meet at least 3 hours per week for the remaining of the semester. Our first night together, my language partner and I met for 3 hours and planned on meeting again 2 days later. We got together again and talked for another 4 hours. About a month of being language partners, we slowly progressed and fell madly in love with each other.


The day after I asked Majo to be my girlfriend on Isla Mujeres

A little less than 2 months after first meeting Majo, I asked her to be my girlfriend on Isla Mujeres overlooking the sunset. The only negative part of our story was that in one month I would have to return to the United States and we would have to be apart for a little over a month. We left each other at the airport crying miserably and before I knew it my plane was leaving Mexican soil and the girl I loved dearly would be left behind for over a month.

When I returned to the states we FaceTimed and Skyped as much as possible and somehow made the distance work until she came to my house for the entire summer. After only dating for 2 months, Majo was going to be living in my house for over 2 months during the summer. She arrived and we spent an amazing summer together full of love and happiness.


Together in the United States for the first time

Well, you guessed it! Summer came to an end and it was time for Majo to return to Mexico and we both had to start school. This time we would be separated for 4 months and I remember dropping her off in the airport and crying more than I ever had as she walked away and I caught my last glimpse of the love of my life for 4 months.

We struggled the first month and half of being away from each other because we had grown accustomed to being together. I had fall break through my college which consisted of a 4 day weekend. It was my only chance to see Majo before we would have to wait until December. I booked a $600 plane ticket just to see her for 4 days and we had an amazing time soaking up the sun in the Caribbean.

A classic FaceTime picture!

A classic FaceTime picture!

Well, again, I had to leave and now just seeing each other for four days seemed like a tease and we were again separated for 2 more months. We did our best and stayed committed to FaceTiming during any free time we had and eventually made it to December. I returned to Mexico for Winter Break and spent an amazing Christmas with her entire family! Once again though, I had to leave but this time we would only be separated for a month until my parents and I returned for Spring Break.


Our parents and me celebrating our first time together as a family! (Majo is taking the picture)

We continued our FaceTime schedule and before we could blink; our parents would be meeting for the first time. We spent a week together as a family for the first time and our parents absolutely loved each other, despite a language barrier, and still continue to talk with each other.

My parents and I left after a week and then I waited for 20 days until Majo would come spend 2 weeks with me at my college. She arrived and we spent an incredible 2 weeks together and even celebrated Easter with my family.

Well, that pretty much brings our story up to date, where Majo and I are currently in the United States and Mexico, but continue to FaceTime multiple times a day and text all the time using WhatsApp.

We recently celebrated our 1 year anniversary and in 3 days it will be one year and one month together. She will be here in about 1 month and again spend the entire summer living with me in our own apartment.

After this summer we will only have a few more months of separation before we never have to live without each other. She makes my world go around every day and I cannot believe how lucky I am to have met such a beautiful and special woman.

How being long distance has shaped our relationship:

Although the distance has been the hardest part of our relationship and leaves both of us in tears every time we leave each other; we both actually believe it has been beneficial. We have grown to appreciate the small moments together and never waste a second when we have each other in our presence.

I see so many couples that are not separated by distance that fight about little things and do not appreciate little details. Our distance has allowed us to value every little detail and not regret any moment we are together.

Every LDR Couple faces obstacles, here are ours:

Thus far, it sounds like Majo and I have a perfect relationship, but believe it or not, we actually argue every now and then. Fighting is a natural part of a relationship between any two people. We fight with our friends, parents, siblings, and even significant others.

Distance has made arguments more difficult in our relationship because we aren’t physically there to talk things out. We have to settle our disputes over FaceTime, but we both agreed to have an open line of communication and it has helped tremendously with overcoming arguments and building a stronger bond between us.

It would be easy to buy Majo flowers after each fight or bring her home her favorite food, but distance does not allow for those things, so when we are together I do my best to make sure she gets tired of flowers and sushi!!!

What we love about our relationship, despite the distance:

I love Majo. I never considered being in a long distanced relationship, until I met someone who made all the time, distance, money, and sadness completely and totally worth it. She is my rock and the only reason I love having a long distance relationship is because I love Majo.

Here’s how we stay connected when we’re apart:

We have a bunch of different ways of communicating. Perhaps the greatest app ever invented for people involved in long distance relationships is WhatsApp. It allows us to communicate just as if she was here or I was there. It has made our relationship much more manageable and I can also stay in contact with her family and her with mine.

We also use Skype and FaceTime to video chat multiple times a day. Every night we call each other on Skype and talk for a while and then set each other next to our head and fall asleep with each other on Skype.

Our advice to other couples like us:


Having fun on the beach in Mexico!

Trust. I trust Majo and I know what type of person she is and what her morals and values are. No relationship should consume someone’s entire day. Each person in a relationship has to have time for other people and spend time with their friends. I trust Majo to go out with her friends and she trusts me to spend a night with my friends. This level of trust has allowed us to develop a much stronger relationship. Trust and having time for friends is essential to making a long distance relationship work.