Ringly is a smart piece of wearable tech that will send you notifications, via bluetooth, from your phone.

The rings, which come in 4 colors and are crafted with 18K matte gold 3 micron plating using precious and semi-precious stones, connect to your phone and vibrate or flash when someone’s trying to reach you.


You can customize each Ringly to alert you whenever a text, call, calendar alert, or email arrives. It can also react to push notifications from Instagram, Facebook and more.

There’s lots of other customization options too. You can choose what color the ring will flash or the number of vibrations you’ll receive based on which notification you’re receiving -perfect for distinguishing between a call from long distant friend or a call from everyone else.

These functionally beautiful rings are available for pre-order at $145 to $180 each and will rise to $195 to $260 retail.

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