Distance is a tough obstacle to face in a relationship and sadly, not everyone can cope with being far apart from the person they love for extended periods of time. For some, the relationship can become stale, empty or you can start to feel very distant from one another. But how do you know when it’s time to throw in the towel on your LDR?

Here are 10 warning signs that it might be time to end your long distance relationship –or work to fix these problems before it all comes crashing down.

  1. You find yourself thinking of someone else:

    We think about the things that are most important to us. If your partner is slowly dropping from the number one spot on your mind and someone else’s pretty face is taking up occupancy, it might be a sign that you are having trouble with the long distance status of your relationship.

  2. Your partner is no longer there for you:

    Physical distance is already a huge factor in your relationship, when you become emotionally distant and less supportive; you are creating an even larger distance that will only further widen an unnecessary gap. If you’re starting to feel like your partner isn’t being there for you the way they have been in the past that can be a real sign that something is or will eventually go very wrong.

  3. You spend more of your time feeling sad about the relationship than you do feeling happy:

    Being in an LDR, you will inevitably have days when you feel sad and lonely. That’s normal. What isn’t normal is feeling depressed, becoming withdrawn or feeling sad all of the time. Relationships are supposed to be a happy occurrence, not one that induces crippling sadness.

    When you start feeling overly sad about your relationship in this way, that is a large warning sign that your relationship is turning toxic and that LDRs might not be the best type of relationship for you.

  4. You don’t make an effort to visit one another anymore:

    People make time for the things that are important to them. Having said that, if you and your partner no longer feel the urge to visit one another anymore or worse –aren’t actively working towards an end date when you can finally and permanently be together, that is a big red warning sign that maybe your feelings for one another have cooled off.

  5. Jealousy is eating away at your relationship

    While jealousy can be considered normal in any relationship, it can quickly shift from being a healthy love for someone to a toxic mix of accusations, tears and distrust. A long distance relationship is no match for an overly jealous lover.

    If you don’t have the trust that is required to deal with not having your eyes on your partner at all times, that is a sure sign that this relationship are not for you and that it might be time to end your long distance relationship.

  6. You have no plans for the future that involve you both together:

    A big essential part of being able to come with the distance is knowing that one day the distance will end. If you have no plans for the future, aren’t working towards and end date and realistically don’t see yourselves together when all is said and done, it might be time to downgrade your relationship to friendship status. Not making plans for the future means that your LDR will eventually fail. After all, you can’t go on like this forever.

  7. You find yourselves fighting more often

    It’s normal to have disagreements with the people closest to you –that is a fact of life. But if all of your conversations lead to harsh arguments, or you find yourselves fighting just for the sake of fighting -something is very wrong.

    Going from being affectionate with one another at any given opportunity, to being down each other’s throats all the time is not healthy for either of you or your relationship.

  8. The relationship feels one sided.

    Relationships are a give and take. In a long distance relationship, this give and take is imperative to the relationship’s success. If you feel like you are putting more into the relationship than your other half –chances are you’re right.

    If you feel like your feelings are deeper than your partner’s and they seem a bit more distant than at first–take this as a warning sign from your gut that maybe your partner is losing interest in you or the relationship. You can’t have a happy relationship with someone who makes you feel as if all the love and care of the relationship comes only from you.

  9. The relationship feels more like a job or chore than an actual relationship.

    If you’re feeling constantly bored when with or talking to your partner and meeting up with them feels more like a chore, financial burden or obligation this is a big red warning sign.

    Relationships should never feel like a chore. You should be in a relationship because you enjoy it, not because you feel tied down to someone and definitely not because you’re afraid to hurt them. A relationship that has become nothing more than chore to either one of you will eventually break down.

  10. You no longer feel connected to one another.

    A big part of what makes LDRs thrive is the fact that we all feel so connected to our partners despite being far apart. Take away that feeling of connection and there’s not much left to salvage in the relationship.

    You absolutely need to feel connected to one another in some way for your relationship to work or even succeed. Without this, you won’t need to end your long distance relationship yourself –it will gradually break down on its own. That’s something we never want to happen.

Maintaining a long distance relationship is like a skilled balancing act. If you want your LDR to succeed, you have to keep a look out for these warning signs in your own relationship and tackle these problems the minute they rear their ugly heads or risk losing that balance and your relationship along with it.

Do you feel that these 10 signs could potentially end a long distance relationship? Share your thoughts with us!

photo   © 2011   Elizabeth Ashley Jerman , Flickr