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Summer is here and it’s time to spread some happiness to a faraway friend! The quirky and fun long distance relationship cards below go beyond your usual store-bought cards, and add a bit of personality for your fave person.

From wooden cards to cheeky letterpress birthday cards, you’ll have plenty of options to spread cheer to a long distance love. Here are 32 of our FAVORITE long distance relationship cards to help you share the love with a long distance partner or friends.

32 Quirky & Fun Long Distance Relationship Cards

Long Distance Relationship Cards


ldrcards11. I (heart) your butt

This card reads “I love you and your butt” Because who doesn’t miss their S/O’s butt sometimes? Just us? Oh. (Via Turtle’s Soup)


2. Olive you a lot

In case you didn’t get it, Olive you sounds like I love you. (It really depends on your accent for this one) For the pun-lover in your life! (via Turtle’s Soup)


3. Cheese to my macaroni

Give this card to that macaroni fanatic in your life. Because, really, whats macaroni without cheese? Sad, lonely noodles. (via Turtle’s Soup)


4. Udon Know

Play on words for “you don’t know” how much I love you. Totally adorable and a fun way to tell someone you’re thinking of them! (via SunnyDoveStudio)

ldrcards25. I long for you

What better way to say you miss someone than with a card with two long-necked giraffes! If your girl (or guy) loves giraffes, send them this gem. (via Turtle’s Soup)


6. Sloth Hug

This adorable sloth card will be your placeholder for a real hug since the whole long distance thing means you can’t hug for a little while. (via EverydaySummit)


7. I can’t wait

And while you’re sending some hugs, how about using this card to send some long distance pseudo kisses until you can deliver the real thing. (via owls)


8. You’re my otter

You’re My Significant Otter! A super cute card of otters holding hands for your favorite person. This card is so adorable, how could you not send this? (via Tiny Bee Cards)

ldrcards39. No matter how far

I love you no matter how far -this card is perfect for long distance couples. Distance keeps us apart but the reminder that someone loves you from afar is truly amazing. (via owl shop)


10. Iguana..

..hold your hand. Because you miss your loved one and no one has invented a teleporter yet so this clever little card will just have to do. (via Oh Plesiosaur)


11. All I need

Is pizza, netflix and you. Send this card as e-hangout invite to netflix and chill with your bae. Then hop onto rabbit and have an amazing time together! (via Rhubarb Paper Co.)


12. You’re my person

No matter where you are, no matter how long we have to be and no matter how far apart we are, you’ll always be my person. And this card proves it. (via Little Low Studio)

ldrcards413. Stop being far away

Send your long distance loved this perfect card that demands that they stop being far away. You want them back in your arms -& STAT! (via owl shop)


14. Make me smile

Send your long distance loved this perfect card that lets them know they can always bring a smile to your face, even when they’re far away. That’s true love. (via owl shop)


15. All I Need Is You and Coffee

Perfect for a pair of coffee addicts (we know you’re out there) send this card to your significant other to let them know that they’re only 2nd to coffee in your heart. (via Ink & Main)


16. See you soon

Because distance isn’t forever, it’s temporary and this card is an amazing reminder of that. You’ll see each other real soon and when you do you can kiss. (via owl shop)

ldrcards517. Sending you love

Send some love with this customizable greeting card. It’s adorable and you can add a photo that looks like its coming out of a mailbox.  (via Ink & Main)


18. Right meow

I don’t want you tomorrow, I don’t want you next week, this card says I want you right meow! (via Huckleberry Letterpress Co.)


19. All you need

All you need is love. Distance is rough on a relationship, a friendship or a family. But this card speaks a universal truth. (via Ink & Main)


20. Pizza my heart

This card is handcut to look like a beautiful pizza. Tell your special someone how much they mean to you (because obviously they remind you of pizza) (via owl Shop)

ldrcards621. You had me at

We love this card because you can fill in the speech bubble on the front of it with your own tale of how they had you at pizza or something. Totally sweet. (via Little Low Studio)


22. I so freaking love you

This colorful card is pretty straight forward! I so freaking love you, even if we’re countries, states or worlds apart. Send this to your love! (via Ink & Main)


23. Every time I miss you

This card is so sweet. It reads: “if I have a flower for every time I think about you, I could walk forever in my garden.” (via Noteworthy Paper)


24. Glad I met you

Perfect for couples or friends who’ve met on the internet! Or maybe a video game or mmorpg world. Send this card to say you appreciate knowing them! (via owl Shop)

ldrcards725. Moth Card

Our love burns bright, like a moth to a flame. This letter press card is beautiful and perfect! (via Noteworthy Paper)


26. One day closer

Because Distance is just a number when compared to the MAGNITUDE of your love. (via LDR Mag)


27. Custom Country Cards

Snail mails are the best part of long distance relationship and here is a perfect card for you, love birds! (via Paperboundlove)


28. It’s 11:11

This quick card is the perfect way to let your spouse know that you’re wishing for them, the only one for you! (via LDR Mag)

ldrcards829. Saving up

Send this card to your long distance love to let them know that you’re saving up all your love just for them. (via Ink & Main)


30. Ctrl + A

This geeky card is adorable, free and perfect for long distance love birds. You are my everything. (via LDR Mag)


31. March Home

Tell your solider to march their butt home soon along with other cards in this set of long distance stationery. (via LDR Mag)


32. One way ticket

I can’t wait to buy you a one way ticket and end this distance forever! This is the ultimate card for LDR couples. (via owl Shop)

Which card is your favorite? Drop us a line down below!