Super sweet realizations only LDR couples experience PINBeing in an LDR we experience & appreciate things that lots of other couples never seem to notice. Along with that comes some interesting realizations that only an LDR couple could come to. Here’s 14 of our favorites!

1. Waking up next to your partner and realizing they’re actually there beside you. Yes, this is not a mirage. They’re right there and you can actually TOUCH them. Omg, they’re real.

2. Realizing how much better your partner looks in person than they do on Skype. Skype really should do something about that because the clearest video quality can NEVER replicate how totally gorgeous and dreamy they are to you irl.

3. On the same note, realizing that you haven’t really heard their actual voice in so long, because cellphones and airwaves can’t seem to capture the essence of that milky southern accent (or, whatever your partner sounds like!)

4. That excitement when you realize that you’re going to get to see them in like 3 hours and your tummy goes completely ballistic over it. It’s like pure bliss and total panic all wrapped into one and the only cure is their arms.

5. Missing all the annoying things your partner did while you were together, despite the fact that they drove you totally insane when you were in the same state. Couples who never part never get to miss that kind of thing.

6. Realizing that you’re actually dealing with the distance better than you or anyone else though you could and in fact, its almost kind of fun. Go you!

7. That moment when you realize you’ve tagged your partner in at least 100 Instagram posts this week, not even including the 75 times you tagged them on Facebook. But hey, no one is complaining, right?

8. Having actual withdrawal symptoms when you haven’t talked, skyped or met up with your long distance love in way longer than usual – even if you’ve never met yet. The withdrawal symptoms are totally legit.

9. Realizing you are way too attached to your smartphone than any normal person should be. But you can’t let go of that lifeline. It’s like, a part of you now. Where’s that future tech where we have phones embedded in our hands, btw?

10. You could never love anyone else as much as you love this guy or gal. Because distance brings us SO CLOSE together, it’s hard to imagine sharing our world with anyone else.

11. That feeling of bliss after buying a ticket to go see your s/o, and realizing that the other people buying tickets at that moment in time aren’t even half as elated as you are.

12. That smile when you wake up and check your phone to see one or a dozen (who’s counting) texts from your SO and realizing that they bring so much joy to your day!

13. Realizing you still get those pre-skype nervous jitters, even though you’ve done it a hundred times before just because your partner means THAT MUCH to you.

14. You really, truly appreciate your sweetheart for loving crazy old you across all those miles. And every so often, the sheer amazingness of that hits you out of the clear blue sky. That’s love.

What random realizations have hit you about your own LDR? Please share them in the comments below!