Whether it’s Christmas, Valentine’s Day, your S/O’s birthday or just because, shopping for your LDR S/O can feel almost impossible. Here are the ABCs of finding that perfect gift!

Ask! The easiest way to know what to get your S/O is to just ask what they want.

Be mindful of shipping costs. Depending on where you and your S/O are in the world, shipping can really add up on certain sites.

Call on your friends for advice. Even if their suggestions aren’t spot on, you never know what may inspire you.

Don’t spend too much. It’s the thought that counts. Really.

Etsy.com has amazing personalized LDR gifts.

Free is always better. There are a number of ways to make your S/O a thoughtful DIY gift with items you already have in your home.

Go with your gut. If it feels right, buy it!

Handmade gifts are often the best gifts.

Ignore the naysayers. You may have found the perfect present for you and your S/O. Don’t let a friend deter you just because they may not understand an inside joke you and your S/O have.

Joke around. Sometimes the silliest gifts are the most meaningful gifts.

Kisses. Seal that gift with a kiss (either literally or figuratively) and send some love your S/O’s way!

Let it go. Sometimes things go wrong with delivery dates or packaging, but it’s best not to let the little things get to you.

Make a card. Writing down how you feel will always mean more to your S/O than any present can.

No matter what you get your S/O, he or she will love it. There’s no such thing as a bad gift when you put thought into it.

Open it together! When your S/O opens the gift, make sure you two are video-chatting or on the phone. You want to be as much a part of his or her reaction as possible.

Pinterest.com. Need I say more?

Questions. Dig deep and find out what your S/O really likes. Sometimes just knowing his or her favorite color can take you a long way.

Read the reviews before purchasing something online. Sometimes items will be a lot smaller than you envisioned or made out of worse material than you’d hoped. Customer reviews will really help you get an understanding what a product is really like.

Splurge. If you’ve found the absolute perfect gift, even if it’s a bit out of your price range, just go for it; your SO is worth it.

Take your time. You likely won’t find the perfect gift during your first click through the internet, but that doesn’t mean the right thing isn’t out there somewhere.

Use social media. Get inspired by gifts your friends or followers have given in the past.

Visit! A trip to see your SO, or vice versa, will be the perfect gift every time.

Wrap your present. Almost every online store will offer gift-wrapping – usually for an additional cost, though. But who doesn’t want to present their SO with a  beautifully wrapped gift?

X-press yourself with your gift. Stay true to who you and your SO are and let your personality shine through in your present.

You know your SO better than most people. Don’t doubt your gift-giving skills; you got this!

Zzz. And once you’ve clicked “confirm order,” rest; you deserve a congratulatory nap after all your hard work.