You’ve planned to see your SO in a few weeks, and it’s all that the two of you can ever talk about. It’s been so long and you’ve been waiting so patiently.

You talk over and over again about how excited you’ll be when you see each other, how long you’ll hug each other, and how big of a kiss you’ll give them. But sometimes we often look past the days following you or your SO’s arrival.

Just as it is important to plan the day you see each other, it’s very valuable to plan out the rest of your days too. While it may be dreamy to sit in each other’s arms all day, and talk about how much you love each other, it’s still a good idea to have set plans. Creating memories and experiences you’ll never forget.

1. Research fun touristy area’s your town offers.

Don’t take for granted what you’ve grown up around, see if your SO would like to visit these sites because they may not have anything like it back home.

2.Check out your local museums.

Blog 1 Image 1 - Find Local Tourist Attractions & Museums

Especially when you are dating someone from another country, visiting museums is a great way to learn about their history and see the growth, trials and tribulations their country has been through. Nothing is more appealing to your partner when you express an interest of where they’ve come from.

3.Eat local foods and cuisine.

Blog 1 Image 2 - Try Local Foods & Cuisine

Take your taste buds on a roller coaster ride and try something new or different to what you would normally eat back home. You never know what you may like!

4.Have date nights.

This is something we all wish we could do more often, and now you have the opportunity to embrace it. Find a couple restaurants that look appealing to the both of you, study the menus and be sure it offers food you both would be willing to order. Dress up a bit, and have a great time, don’t forget to take pictures.

5.Take day trips.

You’re in a new place, whether it is a hundred or a thousand miles away. And that means there is plenty to explore. So take the opportunity to get outside and find out what this new place has to offer. Whether it is exploring the local countryside, visiting neighbouring towns & cities, or even something more adventurous. There is no wrong way to go about this, just so long as you make the most of what you have.

6.Family time.

Now is your opportunity to introduce your SO to your family. They’ll want to meet your partner to get a fair opportunity to get to know them in person. If family is important to you, you know that this is an important moment. Keep it casual, have some entertainment like going to see a movie, or going out to dinner so there is something to ease up any nervous feelings.

7.Leave some days open.

Blog 1 Image 2 - Sometimes it is Nice to Relax & Take a Day Slowly

Sometimes you do just want to lay in bed all day with your SO, and allowing yourself to have the time to just play the day by ear. After cuddling together for many hours you can decide new plans if you want to, or just go out for a simple walk. But you’ve given yourselves downtime, to just purely enjoy each other’s presence.

Most of all, enjoy yourself! Your time with your partner is precious. For many of us, we are only able to see our partners for a few weeks of the year. So whatever you decide to do, make sure it is a memorable and enjoyable experience for you both.

Perhaps you both enjoy relaxing, or maybe you are the thrill seeking types. As long as you are both happy, that above all, is all that matters.