Sending foods to loved ones that are far away can be tricky. Some things you can’t send at all, for fear that they should arrive crumbled, smashed or horribly deformed.

Then there’s all sorts of packaging, bubble wrap and oddly shaped peanuts. You even have to set some things in separate containers like icing or sprinkles. Kind of makes it feel like you’re sending an assembly kit rather than an actual quick treat.

Instead of going through the elaborate ritual of over-packaging food I opted for the easy route: Canned desserts! They’re easy to make, easy to send and a LOT less work. Here’s 10 of my favorites!


#1: Potted Pumpkin Pies via Inchmark. Super adorable pumpkin pies for those brisk autumn months when you’re really missing each other. “They were super easy to make and look great in a big stack!”

#2: Red Velvet Cupcakes in Jars via NotMartha. Tasty & easy to make red velvet cupcakes. You can send with or without frosting inside the little jar. Ingenious!

#3: Cobbler Baked in Jars via NotMartha. “Baking these individual portions of blueberry cobbler in jars makes them handy for bringing to picnics, or for selling at bake sales which is what I did with these.” -OR sending to a long distance sweetheart!

#4: Peach Raspberry Crisps in Mason Jars via A Pretty Life. “The peach/raspberry combination is a match made in heaven! And serving these crisps individually in little jars makes this dessert even more fun!”

#5: Single Serving Pie in a Jar via Our Best Bites. “These are individual-sized pies made in little glass jars that can go straight from your freezer to your oven to your mouth.”


#6: 5 Minute Microwave Coffee Cake in a Jar via Jcocina. Really quick recipe for those of us who aren’t too gifted in the baking area. “This is the easiest dessert you’ll ever make.  And probably one of the most delicious!”

#7: Crisps in a Jar via Wendolonia. These lovely little crisps ditch the pie crust and make for a truly easy, delicious treat.

#8: Whiskey Cake in a Jar via HGTV. “This delectable whiskey cake can be made in various-sized glass canning jars.” Perfect for your long distance, whiskey-lovin’ guy.

#9: Cherry Limeade Pie in a Jar via Confessions of a Cookbook Queen. “A nice cold Cherry Limeade Pie would be the perfect dessert. I made them in jars because…it looks cool PLUS you can keep them in the freezer with the lid on until you want to eat them!”

#10: Simple Cinna-Bun Butter Cakes in a Jar via Picky-Palate. “I thought I’d share my little Bake Sale goodies with you, they’ll work in any size jar.  My cinnamon filling makes for a buttery cinnamon-y jazzed up cake mix cake you will not forget.”

Happy baking!

Image via weheartit