Skip The Greeting Card Aisle: 5 ways to Send Long Distance Greetings Online!

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Nowadays, almost all long distance gift giving can be done conveniently online. From buying adorable gifts to finding inspiration for the perfect care package or open when letter ideas -when it comes to long distance gift giving, the Internet has our back! And it’s no different with sending greeting cards online, which you can now make in literally minutes!

At this point in time, there’s hundreds if not thousands of digital stationery sites to pick from, but we’ve narrowed them to these 5 sites, which happen to be our favorites for long distance couples! Here’s 5 ways to start sending Greeting cards Online:

 Jib Jab Cards

JibJab is a website that lets you create an interactive video e-card that puts your face on a dancing body. Honestly, it’s the coolest thing ever! Most people have never gotten a digital greeting card like this one. With titles like “The Buttcracker” and “Rico Suave” it’s sure to be a real hilariously delightful surprise.

 Smashups Ecards

How much would it cost you to have an actual celebrity deliver a sweet message to your s/o in person? Probably an arm and a leg! That’s why American Greetings’ Smashup Ecards is a favorite on this list. Send a digital greeting sung by a celebrity to anyone!

What’s really great about it is that you can even customize the name of the person the greeting will be sent to, and it will actually appear in the video & be sung in the song for each card. It’s really neat and honestly we had a fun time just trying out all the cards on the site with our names.


Send animated cards with cute messages! This site has so many artfully designed cards -all animated and ready to be customized with your own special message. And best of all it’s free!

 Blue Mountain

This site has a pretty good selection of talking e-cards! Talking ecards  are digital greetings that will say anything that you type into the box for them. Which is pretty neat! Who wouldn’t love a talking kitty that says “I love you Cheryl” delivered to their inbox?

 Smile Box

You can create completely customized & animated greeting cards using SmileBox. Upload photos, add in your own custom text and more. A super simple & easy way to send a really heartfelt message from a distance.

These are our favorites, do you have any? Did we miss any good ones? We’d love it if you shared! You can do so by leaving a comment below.

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