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This New YouTube Series Is A Comedic Look At Long Distance Relationships

Chachi Gonzales is starring in a new YouTube Red Series titled “Long distance.” The romantic comedy follows the lives of two college sweethearts as they attempt to maintain a long distance relationship while battling the technology fails that inevitably affect all modern relationships. Long Distance captures the hilarious, awkward and even some sweet…

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25 Long Distance Visa Guides

So the time has come, you’ve decided that you’re ready to stop being apart from the person you love and bridge that transcontinental distance between you. However, it’s not as easy as picking up and moving like you can do within your home country. Each country has a process, a chain of procedure…

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14 Super Sweet Realizations Only LDR Couples Experience

Being in an LDR we experience & appreciate things that lots of other couples never seem to notice. Along with that comes some interesting realizations that only an LDR couple could come to. Here’s 14 of our favorites! 1. Waking up next to your partner and realizing they’re actually there beside you. Yes,…

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