How to Cope when Taking a Break from your LDR

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If your partner has ever told you that they need a break, it may not be as bad as you think. Perhaps they just need some time to clear their head of any doubts, and it may not be your fault.

Taking a break from being romantically involved does not necessarily mean that you will be seeing other people. It could be just a time-out, a restart of the mind.

Every LDR situation is different. But taking a break can sometimes be a good thing. It may make you realize that you need this person in your life, and they need you in theirs. That you do deserve each other and deserve to be happy with each other.

So, if a break is what one or both of you have decided, just take a few days, a week, some time to yourself, even if you still talk to your partner during the break. It may not feel the same as being romantically involved with them, and it may be difficult to accept that they are no longer officially your boyfriend/girlfriend, but in the long run it could really help. Especially if you are both insecure or worried about something in the relationship.

It’s not healthy to be in a relationship where you feel you don’t deserve each other, or that you aren’t good enough for each other. It can really bring both of you down. So in the long run, a break can cure any doubts and make you realize that you are good together, that you don’t want to be without each other.

One important thing about a break is not to rush each other. When the time is right for you to get back together, it will happen. You can’t force your partner into being with you if they still aren’t feeling right. Let them come back to you when they are ready, and when they do, you’ll both appreciate each other even more than you did before.

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Mel May 30, 2018 - 2:36 am

Hi 🙂
I have a big problem. About 10 days ago my long distance bf and me had a talk and I said something on the phone he didn’t like. He was really upset and wrote me an E-Mail that it’s time for a break so I should not contact him till he says so. 10 days passed and he didn’t give a sign. We never had such a big time with not speaking to each other. I don’t know what to do. I feel like I lost him. I mean does he even care how I feel? He knows that it makes me crazy not talking to him for such a long time. I also thought maybe he wants to punish me in that way. But does he even miss me? I am afraid of writing him an E-Mail cause he said I should not contact him till he says so. What should I do? I understand that I need to wait till something comes from his side. But it kills me. I am trying not to think to much about it but seriosly, I cant. Sorry for my english


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