Finding the perfect gift for your long distance partner can be tough sometimes. Being long distance puts us all in a very unique situation and sometimes finding a gift that accurately conveys the love and commitment that you feel towards your partner can be hard.

There are hoards of gift ideas and expressions of love for “traditional” close-distanced couples, but what about us? What gifts can we give that say “I love you, even if there’s a big amount of space between us”?

This printable long distance relationship love letter kit is the perfect gift idea for any couple divided by distance and can be used for any special occasion that you spend apart. Together with Rae at O.W.L.S. we created this amazing & beautifully designed love letter kit just for long distance couples like you!


With over 25 different fillers, you can mix and match the contents of your letter to create the perfect long distance relationship love letter to fit your distance situation. The kit contains several long distance relationship quotes, 2 envelope labels, love letter prompts, stationary sheets and more!


We wanted to create a gift that anyone could use – guy or gal – to easily tell someone how much they care but that also could be used more than once. You don’t have to be an expert writer or a crazed romantic to put together a heartfelt love letter for your long distance love with this amazing long distance relationship love letter kit!

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