“Online Dating is…” is a documentary produced by Oscar Nilsson that explores the public perception of online dating. The topic of course overlaps into the realm of long distance relationships, particularly couples who have never met, since they are in fact dating online.

In the video Oscar interviews influential professionals in the industry such as a researcher from Stanford, a dating app founder, a matchmaker & a relationship consultant to get the science and statistics behind what online dating really is. He also follows a girl through her experience on going on her first online date using a dating app like Tinder.

Several opinions are expressed by different individuals in the video, some feeling that online dating is superficial because it only focuses on appearances and also encourages people to lose some of their social skills because of the lack of face-to-face contact. In one instance “Stephan,” a user contacted through the dating app, bluntly proposes a one night stand with the documentary’s test subject to which she responds “Well, no Stephan. I won’t have a one night stand with you.”

The video, while entertaining introduces the idea that online dating may not be the best method for meeting someone even if it is convenient and easy. Oscar’s hope is that this video can be used to spark a conversation about how online dating has changed social interaction and whether it’s sustainable today or not.


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