It can often be hard to describe to others what it’s like being in a long distance relationship. To many, the concept baffles them, they imagine us living our relationship through keepsakes and memories but we know that it’s much more than that.

The emotional roller-coaster it can be to be far distant from your significant other is often underestimated. What’s more, they’re so common that we can think of these as shared memoirs of the LDR community.

Butterflies, oh the butterflies fluttering everywhere.

While we all know that the novelty of a new relationship tends to wear off after its first few months. With an LDR the butterflies never disappear. They come fluttering back at regular intervals, to remind you that the wait was all worth it. The moment you or your SO get off the plane or train is magical.

From mundane to magical

What’s more it’s how the ordinary everyday mundane become magical. Little things like being stuck in traffic or making breakfast are all adventurous now because you are doing them together. Talk about appreciating the little things in life!

They’re always present …even when they’re not here

When you’re not together, they’re always on the back of your mind. Through special occasions and accomplishments even moments you never even celebrate like National Ice Cream Day or a distant cousin’s wedding.

Countdowns and clocks

Everything is a constant countdown. You’re either looking at the clock to see what time it is back where they are or counting down on a calendar. This constant countdown is shared between savoring the days you have together or passing the days until you see each other.

Cashing in on the prize

The moment you first see them after weeks, months, even a year still gives you butterflies no matter how long you’ve been together or how often you see each other. This moment feels like you have saved up all your tokens and are now cashing in on the prize. All the times of loneliness without them or when you’ve had a terrible day mean nothing in this moment.

Life is but a vacation

The time you spend together, even if it is in your hometown feels like a vacation. Bowling and the movies are all a new sport when it’s experienced with them or you get to experience entirely new things together that you’d maybe never do.

Being in a long distance relationship can seem like something of it’s own kind sometimes and just like any rollercoaster it has its butterfly moments. What are yours?