Independence blossoms

We all know the girl or the guy who’s so morphed into their partner that they cease to function independently when they break up, complaining how lonely it is to be single. Being single isn’t lonely, in fact it is an opportunity to be independent.

We have to be comfortable and happy being alone before becoming a 2-ply. In an LDR we are both at the same time. Comfortable with our independence and in a relationship. Living apart is a great way to preserve that independent part of you yet enjoy being in a relationship, especially for younger couples who haven’t yet grounded themselves in the adult world.

LDRs compensate for the alone time during the distance by consuming themselves in other things rather than each other.

Trust is not an option

Trust is stronger than ever in an LDR and works as the basis for the relationship. Without trust, the relationship wouldn’t exist long distant anyway. You’ll never be able to check your partner’s phone or stalk them to the party.

Even if you could, this can permanently ruin trust or feed on further doubt and ill feeling already harboured. In an LDR you’re forced to trust each other and are therefore one step closer than couples who have had to learn to trust each other by overcoming mistrusting hurdles.

Clearer communication

Close distance couples can spend days within a few metres of each other and never have a conversation, while LDRs cement communication as the centrepoint of their relationship. With that LDRs get to talk not only about their future or what they got up to throughout the day but have more intimate conversations. Distant couples therefore talk less frequently but more deeply when they actually do talk.

Not knowing what your partner has been up to throughout the day mean that conversations about their day at work are more engaging than they would be if you weren’t distant.

LDRs can’t storm off after a fight expecting their partner to chase them or give each other the deadly silent treatment. They have to talk through their problems, they learn to give each other time to speak because they know that once the ‘end call’ button is clicked they are not guaranteed another chat anytime soon. These communication habits will equip you to deal with conflict in the long run of your relationship.

 This Article was lovingly written thanks to Closer Than, an app for LDR Couplesnetwork