Most people will tell you that being in a long distance relationship requires a strong will to make things work regardless of the distance. Sadly, sometimes the longing for physical presence and sexual intimacy can get overwhelming. Needless to say, this may lead to couples cheating on each other or even breaking up to pursue other love interests.

Of course there is no sure way of ensuring that your relationship is ‘cheat proof’ since it all depends on whether both of you really want it to work. However, there are some steps you can consciously take to prevent yourself from cheating on your partner.

1. Always remind yourself why you love them

As much they are not there with you, hang on to the memories of what makes them great. Constantly remind yourself why you fell for them, and what made you decide to have a relationship with them. Could it be that they understand you better than anyone else? Or is it because of how they make you laugh? Or maybe it is simply how good they make you feel whenever you talk to them. No matter how far you are, never forget the reason why you fell in love with your partner.

2. When you meet a new person, inform them that there is someone else in your life

The mistake that most people do is failing to tell people they meet that they are in a relationship. Look at it this way: If they find you attractive, and they never see you with anyone, they might assume you are single and they may get interested in you. It is upon you to always declare your relationship status, especially if you feel that someone is making moves at you.

3. Keep yourself busy:

Loneliness and emptiness is one of the main reasons why people cheat. To avoid this, you need to find ways in which you can keep yourself busy.

Try out a new hobby such as volunteering, learning a new language, or even travelling. Just find something that will occupy your mind and prevent you from feeling so alone and vulnerable. You should also consider making friends and enriching your social network so that you can hang out with them whenever loneliness starts creeping in.

4. Remember to stay connected

The only way a long distance relationship can work is when you stay connected with your partner. The good news is that with technological advancements, there are many ways in which you can communicate with them without spending so much money.

You can try video chats, texting, using social networks, and different software that allow easy communication. The more you communicate, the stronger your connection gets. Never underestimate the importance of picking your phone and calling your lover. It makes a huge difference on the path your relationship will take.

5. If possible, plan for visits:

Who said that if you are in a long distance relationship you can’t visit each other? It might take a long time to plan, especially if the distance is too long, but it is always worth it. The moment your partner leaves for another part of the world, you should come up with a workable plan on how you can visit each other – even if it’s only during the holidays.

Moreover, it may sound shallow, but it will also be your chance to find out what your partner has been up to. Besides, the thrill of the planning the visit and finally making it happen is will keep the relationship exciting.

6. Beware of jealousy

Sometimes what pushes people to cheat is actually jealousy. Being in a long distance relationship makes conflict resolution a bit difficult, so when the green eyed monster rears its head, you may be tempted to jump into the next relationship. It may be an attempt to find comfort, but it could ruin your relationship forever.

If you do not trust your partner, then you can be sure that the relationship won’t last long. Do not be too suspicious of your partner and start acting paranoid if you suspect they are cheating. At the same time, if you are suspicious about something, do not keep it to yourself.

Learn to communicate openly, and whenever you find yourself feeling jealous, ask yourself if your feelings are justified. Why do you feel your partner is cheating on you? Have they been giving you enough attention? Why do you feel jealous? Do a self analysis and try to focus on the positives of the relationship.

7. Have faith in your love

Honestly, if you do not have faith that things will work out, then you have no business being in a relationship. You may not be able to see each other physically, or talk to each other as much as you want. However, that doesn’t mean that your relationship is lifeless.

You have to have the faith to push through, even when things seem difficult and stagnated. It is that faith that merges one day into another before you finally see each other. If you ask anyone who has been in a long distance relationship, they will tell you that it took a lot of faith and pushing on for it to succeed.

Again, there is no sure way of knowing if your partner will cheat on you, but it doesn’t hurt to try out things that will sustain their interest.