1. When you and your SO are skyping and it disconnects literally out of nowhere:


2. When you’re really missing them and there’s nothing you can do about it

Suits sad crying 5x16

3. When all you want is to be able to touch and hug your SO:

cartoons adventure time jake finn hug wolf

4. When you realize you’re actually going to see your SO in a few days!:


5. Then you realize all the grooming you’re gonna have to do:

shave all the things

6. When you’re about to pick up your SO from the airport:

7. When you actually see your SO for the first time in what feels like forever:


8. And basically the entire time you’re together:

love kiss couple jared leto 30 seconds to mars

9. But then it’s time fore them to go and you realize all this bliss won’t last forever:


10. When you’ve dropped them off at the airport and  it finally hits you that they’re gone:

crying cry upset kristen bell sad

11. When you see other couples pairing up and the hurt is still pretty fresh:

jealous couple park throw ko

12. When something reminds you of your SO:

dog cupcake overwhelmed

13. When you get a text from them that you’ve been waiting for FOREVER

tv television text big time rush logan henderson

14. That feeling you get knowing that they love you despite the distance

in love laura linney tv showtime the big c

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