Finally getting to visit with your SO after months and months of waiting can be so exciting, but also overwhelming, and whether you have never met before or met many times, you never can seem to shake the butterflies in your stomach those last few minutes before you finally get to jump into each others arms.

You have probably spent the weeks and even months leading up to this moment planning out every second of your time together, but the reality is, you really don’t have to in order to make the most of your visit! Sometimes the most memorable visits are the ones that are spent relaxing and enjoying “conventional couple” things.

Here’s 5 ways to ensure you make the most of any visit with your SO!

1. Movies and Cuddle

Romantic Movie

How many nights have you and your SO spent watching Netflix over FaceTime or Skype wishing you were watching it while cuddling? Well, now is your chance. An afternoon in with a frozen pizza and a binge-worthy TV show can make for a cuddly and carefree date. Maybe get some take-out and share your favorite childhood movies with each other! Falling asleep to a movie in each others arms is much more romantic than falling asleep in front of your computer screen!

2. Go grocery shopping

The Grand Village Shops

This may seem silly, but doing “normal stuff” together can be really refreshing. In a LDR, you are forced to do things that you would normally do as a couple, alone. Now is your chance to do normal stuff like another couple. Run all your errands, but do them together. Go grocery shopping, get the car washed, even do laundry. It’s surprising how fun everyday tasks can be when you have someone you love to do them with.

3. Cook


Now that you’ve gone grocery shopping, time to get cooking! During your time apart, make a list or Pinterest board of all the recipes you might want to make when you’re finally together! Go get all the ingredients and knock a recipe out every day of your trip or make a whole day of cooking.

When you make a a recipe that the two of you love (or had a great time making), put together a little recipe book. It’ll make a great souvenir of your time together. Making a day or evening to cook together can be great bonding time between you two, and lets be honest, there’s nothing cuter than a flour fight!

4. Plan some local activities

Canterbury at Dusk - Aug 2012 - A Stroll Down the Town

Whether you are visiting your SO or they are visiting you, find a way to incorporate the location in your plans. It can be fun to show your SO your home or vice versa, and understanding each others homes can really bring the two of you closer.

Find some local coffee shops, farmers markets, or local favorite restaurants to spend a day exploring! Sharing your home with your SO or experiencing their home is a great way to learn more about each other and the lives you lead outside of what you see on the computer screen.

5. Don’t think about the end of the trip

There’s one way to ensure a sad and awkward visit…dwelling on the end. You spent weeks, months, maybe even years for this time together, and now you can finally relax and enjoy it.

Don’t be worrying about the fact that the visit can’t last forever because with that attitude, the trip will flash before your eyes. If you can’t seem to stay in the moment, maybe take this time together to start planning your next visit! If you’re gonna focus on the future, you may as well make it positive!

There’s nothing wrong with planning lots of activities for your visit, but don’t overwhelm each other with too much, and don’t over plan just because you’re feeling anxious about the visit. Sometimes we can put too much pressure on a visit without even realizing it. Be sure to find time to appreciate being together instead of running from plan to plan and place to place in an attempt to make the most of your time together.

In the end, the key to making the most of your visit and time together is living in the moment. After months of waiting and wishing it was the future, now you can sit back and enjoy every second of togetherness.