1. You don’t feel important to them

… and it’s starting to get old. You don’t feel like a priority to them over other things in life, and while you understand that they do have a life outside of you, you know you shouldn’t feel as un- important as you do.

  1. Only one of you is sacrificing for the other

… and that’s really not right. If your partner isn’t really to sacrifice for you to close the distance, or you’re not willing to sacrifice for each other, what does that really mean for how much you love each other?

  1. You don’t talk about the future

… and neither of you really wants to. Your relationship is day-by-day, and so for that reason’s there’s nothing to talk about. As far as your relationship is concerned, there is no future together.

  1. You don’t really miss them

… and you’re perfectly content when they’re away. Some might say that just means you’re independent. But what does it mean when you feel really numb about the idea of missing the person you’re supposed to love? At least you should miss them sometimes.

  1. You’ve thought about splitting up

… and you just can’t bring yourself to do it, but the thought is something that has crossed your mind more than once or twice. Your reasons for not splitting up have more to do with the emotion that comes afterward (or how it will affect your partner) than any factual reasons why you should stay.

  1. You can’t see your futures together

… whether it’s a year from now, or 5 years down the line, you can’t see yourself with this person in the future. There’s nothing you’re looking forward to and you have no plans for the long term, because maybe this person isn’t the one.

  1. You’re not sure this is the last person you want to love

… and you’re not sure you don’t ever want to not date anyone again. You still feel like you could find someone that matches you better and you’re not 100% convinced that you’d be happy forever with the one you love now.

  1. They meet someone closer

… and it’s cutting into your time together. Whether they say that person is just a friend or not, if they’d rather spend all their time with that person instead of you, then maybe your ldr isn’t with fighting for anymore.

  1. You don’t feel like you’re a part of their life anymore

… and you feel like you’ve drifted apart. Somewhere along the line you became detached from your SO’s life. And while you may be fine to catch up and have a chat, you live in totally different worlds that don’t mesh at all.

  1. Your inner voice starts to scream

… and it starts to tell you that something is off about your relationship. Whether it’s the thought that your partner is cheating, or doesn’t care as much about you as before; our inner voices are there for a reason. If it’s yelling out and you can’t ignore it, it might be time to listen.

  1. Your partner isn’t interested in your day

… and he/she never asks how it went for you. They use you as a pseudo-therapist to talk about their day, their life and their problems but when it comes down to you sharing yours they lost all interest. Are you sure you’re not just a long distance shrink?

  1. Your SO is different in person

… and it’s noticeable. They’re super affectionate when you chat, text or skype but when you’re in person it’s just awkward and weird and… Well, flat.

  1. You don’t make an effort to chat anymore

… and you can’t explain why. You just are too busy, or it’s too much of an inconvenience in your day to settle down to talk to the person you’re supposed to love forever. Wait, what?

  1. Your relationship is just “there”

… and it doesn’t really feel like much of a relationship anymore. Sure you talk and chat regularly, she share your days together when you can. But there’s not excitement, there’s no rush of loving someone. Your relationship is just the shell of one.

  1. You never get gifts

… because your partner never sends you any. They don’t put forth that extra effort to show you that they care from far away.

  1. Jealousy is getting out of hand

… to the point of causing fights and arguments in the relationship. There’s no trust and your LDR is already breaking down. Is it still worth it to stay?

  1. You’re not sure the distance is worth it

… and one or both of you aren’t sure you can bear it much longer. It’s become so huge of an obstacle in your minds, that day-to-day is just HARD. You don’t want distance to be the reason you end the relationship, but it’s really starting to get to you.

  1. Your partner hides you away

… and doesn’t seem to want to show you off to the world. Their Facebook status shows that their single, their friends and family don’t know about you. Nobody wants someone who hides them away and secret relationships from afar are no fun.

  1. You find yourself searching for someone else

… so much so that when you’re out and about, you find yourself unconsciously eying that really cute guy or girl and gauging whether you should be a little flirtatious or not. You don’t feel 100% committed to your partner and so your eyes tend to wander.

  1. If they broke up with you, you might actually be happy

… because you don’t want to be the bad guy in the relationship. You wish you could break up, but your heart starts to break down and tell you no. You wish you could break up and feel that maybe it wouldn’t be all that bad if they did break up with you.

  1. They feel like a stranger to you

… and after all of the distance, you just feel like you don’t know them anymore. Distance can separate people really easily if they don’t make an effort to stay connected. Suddenly the person you once knew and loved so well, feels like a strange friend you only talk to on weekends.

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