Take some time out of your normal routine and try a few of these awesome activities. They’re designed to get you both out and about while allowing you to stay connected in the real world at the same time. Enjoy!

1. A short Drive

Pick a beautiful day to go for a short drive together. Pass by beautiful lakes and fields. Describe your surroundings to one another over the phone and talk about the next time you can go on a long romantic car ride together.

2. Your own special day

Create your own special day, week or month to shower one another in love. Who says special days should be limited to anniversaries? Be sure to pick a date that works best for both of you.

3. A trip to the playground


Consider heading to a local playground with your cellphone in hand. There’s nothing more relaxing than swinging on an old swing set the way you did as a child. It’s even better when you know that you and the person you love, though far apart, are swinging together. Talk over the phone sharing your favorite childhood playground memories with one another.

4. Game night!

Grab some food and drinks and stay in for the night playing your favorite games together. Pull out your Wii, PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 for a fun night of multiplayer gaming.

5. Volunteer together

Pick a day to volunteer together and do some good in your community. Try volunteering at homeless shelters, dog or cat kennels or women’s shelters. Come back home and share the highlights of your day.

6. Go Green!


Plant two trees or other plants together and document them with photos as they grow. Compare the growth rate and see who has the greenest thumb. As the plants grow, so will the bond between you.

7. Photo Scavenger Hunt

Head out into your city or town equipped with just your cellphone or camera –you’re both going on a photo scavenger hunt. Create a list of places, objects, people or things that would make interesting photos. Set a time limit, a reward and head out! Try to find everything on your list and share your findings when you return home.

8. Take an online tour

Tour a museum, art gallery or exhibit together from home. There are lots of websites online that offer virtual panoramic, 2d or 3d tours of museums and exhibits. Pick a day and tour these places online together.

9. Shop together!

Shop together online and plan outfits for the next time you meet together. Or you can shop for gifts together and exchange them when you next meet.

10. Share your plans


What do you have planned for your life? What are your dreams and aspirations? Write them down and share them together. See how well your plans fit together and which goals you’d like to pursue together.

11. To us –in the future

Take a week to write one letter a day to one another in the future. Set a date when you will exchange them together.

12. See a movie Together

Rent a movie together using a real world source like Redbox, or an online website like amazon or Netflix. Pick a movie, count down and hit play at the same time. If you’re just dying to get out of the house, see a movie together –each in your respective cities, and share the highlights of the movie when you return home over a phone call or via video chat.

13. Create a shared blog


Start a blog on a topic that interests you both. Alternate posts, or write each entry together. Create a how-to blog, a photography journal, a series of poetic works etc.

14. Take a class together

Learn something new. Take an online class or course together. This can be a language class, a hobby class, and art class, a coding class -anything that interests you both. There are tons of great websites that offer free classes and quizzes online.

15. Build a website!

Learn to code a website from scratch, or use the skills you already have to create one together. Use the website to document your time apart as a couple and the steps you plan to take to be together.