So we’ve established the idea that webcams are a life saver for long distance relationships, but what now? You’ve got the webcam, the software. You’ve even tried it out a few times. Or perhaps more than a few times.

Maybe you were already using a webcam and have been for months or years. Maybe all of this is nothing new to you. While you enjoy seeing the person you love, face to face, maybe using a webcam to video chat so much and for so long has started to become… well… ordinary.

One thing that is lacking in the world of webcam users is creativity and diversity in the way of things to do while you are video chatting with another person. Often times most suggestions are very… suggestive, or rather unimpressive and common. Sometimes we need a little more than just talking and staring at one another.  Enter this chapter, the sole purpose of which is to give you great ideas to do together –in a sort of “on a date” atmosphere.

Being apart from the people we love, we miss out on doing so many great things together. Sure, maybe you do them when you’re together for short periods of time and no doubt you’ll make up for lost time once you can truly and permanently be together… but there are times when looking to what you’re going to do in the future can’t make up for what you want to do now. It’s okay to miss those little things that you can’t do yet.

To remedy this, we’ve concocted a small mini book of several webcam date “recipes”. Not only will they help fill the void that comes from the things you may be missing, but they will also bring you much closer.

Some of them are very romantic and traditional, and others you may raise an eyebrow to. Regardless, there is something for everyone. The next time you video chat you will have no shortage of great, romantic and sometimes odd date ideas to spice up your session together.

Each date scenario is formatted as a literal “recipe”. Each idea will include a description or a brief introduction, an “ingredient list” (if applicable) and a few little “tips and pointers” if you’d like to have some extra fun. Enjoy!

wbcmdateideasOver 60 wonderful date ideas that revolve around web-camming.

Some of them can also be done over the phone or while chatting through an instant messenger -and even when you’re both together in person.

From romantic & silly to wacky & maybe even a little strange; this e-book is great resource for anyone looking to turn boring routine webcam sessions into something that is much more fun.

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