Expressing love in an LDR is a challenge. Everyone who’s ever been in an LDR knows how hard it can be. It can feel like we are so limited in the ways that we can express affection to our far away partner. So how about giving your relationship a little BOOST of encouragement with this beautifully designed set of printable LDR love notes!

We’ve collaborated with O.W.L.S. To bring you this collection of over 20 thoughtfully designed printable love notes that will remind both you and your partner to keep up the good fight for your love! because love knows no distance and sometimes it’s just good to remind each other of that fact.


These notes would be perfect to include in an open when letter (maybe in a letter themed “when you feel the distance is too much”), in care packages or in a letter that you’re sending just because!

Here are some more great uses for these notes:

  • Decorate a gift with your favorite note
  • Slip inside an LDR themed open when letter
  • Place them inside a care package full of goodies!
  • Hide the notes around your partner’s house or car when you go for a visit!
  • Sneak one into your partners bag, wallet or pocket
  • Write a love note on the back on one and give it to them when your visit together ends
  • Mail one as a post card with a special message
  • Tons more!
Get the entire set of 22 printable notes


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