All couples can remember their big relationship milestones: the first date, moving in together, getting engaged… These virgin milestones are to be savored forever. But the less celebrated milestones deserve some recognition too. Let’s celebrate those “special” milestones in the list below. How any milestones have you and your partner reached?

1. The First Phone Call:

Hearing their voice for the first time, especially if you met online. Your heart was probably beating out of your chest the whole time, but hearing that voice was worth every minute of panic before you called.

2. The First Video Chat:

Seeing them moving around for the first time after not seeing them forever, or.. ever really. You saw the way their body moved

3. We Text Too Much:

Over 100 text messages in a single day! Because being separated from you partner means your phone is like another body part.

4. Totally Mortified:

Swapping your most embarrassing stories, omg. This is stuff you’d never tell anyone else, just your one and only.

5. Serious TMI:

Poop & other gross things isn’t a stranger in your conversations. In fact, it’s a pretty regular thing and it isn’t weird at all.

6. First Snail Mail:

That moment when you finally get something in the mail from your S/O. Because there’s nothing more fun than getting some love in the mail!

7. #Wokeuplikethis:

Swapping ugly morning pics is basically ritual now. You both know how awful you look in the mornings and the best part is neither of you cares.

8. All The Nudes:

Sending nudes to you LDR S/O. Hey, we won’t tell if you don’t. 😉

9. The First Goodbye:

Saying goodbye is hard. You can’t truly be in an LDR without having gone through the horrible feeling of leaving the one person you just want to be with forever. The first goodbye is always the hardest.

10. Emoji Chat:

Communicating only in emojis is an art and a skill. Every LDR couple has to have done this at some point in their relationship!

11. Tag, you’re it:

Tagging them in a photo or quote that totally reminded you of them. Those instagram quotes are good for some serious feels. Tagging your partner lets them know you’re always thinking about them.

12. No Worries:

Sending texts, messages or whatever without over-analyzing it before you hit send. The ultimate proof that you’re totally comfortable with each other.

13. Couple Selfie:

Posting a photo of you together on instagram or Facebook! Totally a big deal if you met online and finally get to snap one together for the first time.

14. Your BFFS Are Mine:

Friending their friends on social media. They don’t care that you’re LDR and actually think you and your S/O are pretty darn cool. Friends! Friends everywhere!

15. Inside Jokes:

You guys have so many inside jokes that anyone who hangs out with you two thinks you’re insane.

16. Parent Chat:

Actually talking to & having a convo with their parents because why not? Its nice knowing you have the support of their family too.

17. Secret Language:

You use your secret language so much that your phone actually starts to auto-correct your special words and phrases.

18. Pet Name:

Figuring out your terms of endearment to each other and forgetting not to call him “smoochypoo” in front of his friends because that’s how much you use it.

19. Sleep Party:

Falling asleep together on Skype to the point where you can’t sleep well without them.

20. Sharesies:

Adding them to your Amazon prime or Netflix Account or letting them “hack” your Facebook or instagram accounts. Talk about trust, you guys are legendary!

21. Dead Silent:

Begin comfortable in silence together, just being there is totally okay -even if you’re just staring at each other on Skype. Its totes cool.

22. First Visit:

OMG, FIRST VISIT AFTER ‘X’ AMOUNT OF DAYS! AHHH! Major milestone for basically all LDR couples.

23. Binge Watch:

Getting into one of your partner’s favorite shows & binging watching it together. The couple that binges together stays together.

24. The Fart:

That first time you fart in front of your S/O. Totally awkward, but totally relieving to finally be able to blow that one insecurity out the window. (pun intended)

25. Distance no More:

The ULTIMATE in LDR milestones! Closed the Distance -so not LDR anymore!

26. Making Plans:

You have plans for the long term of your relationship and you’re working towards them. You’ll never hit milestone #25 without this one.

27. Talking the time away:

Where did the time go? The first time you looked over at the clock and thought “It’s THAT late?!” after talking to your S/O for what felt like all of 5 minutes.

28. Faraway Takeout:

Sending your S/O something to eat from far away or having it delivered right to their house. It’s the best way to treat someone to dinner or lunch!

29. Dinner across the web:

While you’re sending food to your far away Bae, maybe you were able to share a meal at the computer together. Super fun, Skype optional!

30. Getting Engaged:

Whether you got engaged while long distance or while together, this is still a really huge milestone. Congrats, by the way!

What milestones did we miss? What milestones are most important to you? We’d love to hear about it!