Long distant relationship couples can be equally, if not more, romantic as close distant couples. While people tend not take your relationship seriously, you know just how incredibly ‘just-like-in-the-movies’ your relationship can be. If not, here are three tried and tested ways you can be romantic.

No one does snail mail better than you

You put every effort in decorating that love letter right down to the choice of envelope. Modern technology has made snail mail non-existent between lovers but it’s brought it back for those loving from a distant. While an instant messaging app does the job for you, it is the time and thought that goes into a handwritten letter that makes it all the more meaningful than emojis.

Documenting your relationship

A lot of couples document their time together so they can look back on them when they’re no longer long distant or when they’re missing each other.

1. Many couples video blog their reunions and time together.

2. Create a box full of keepsakes that your SO has sent you.

3. Scents can be powerful, smells trigger memory more than sight. Assign a perfume to a particular time together, and the scent will take you right back to that moment every time.

Distance keeps the passion alive

Seeing each other week or months apart can make you feel like you’re falling in love with each other all over again. Research shows that love is intensified in an LDR leading to heightened intimacy and a deeper connection.

Guest post via @Closer Than App