How to Start Fall Traditions In a LDR pinTraditions are like inside jokes. They are something unique and special to your relationship that’s just between your and your significant other. There are many benefits of starting Fall traditions with your long distance significant other.

They will make you feel closer to each other and give your relationship a sense of stability. These are family traditions that you will pass on to your future children. Knowing that you’re setting a foundation for your future together will deepen your love for each other and strengthen your commitment to your relationship.

Talk About Your Family Fall Traditions

You didn’t just appear one day out of thin air. Of course you come from a family that has it’s own traditions. Some families have a hayride or bonfire every Fall. Some families drink hot apple cider, light pumpkin spice candles and have a dramatic poetry reading in the living room. Some start a Fall leaf collection.

Whether or not your partner has already met your parents, they’re going to be a part of their life eventually. So discuss what they should know about your family traditions and ask them about their family Fall traditions.

It’s a great way to learn more about each other and your backgrounds. Tell them which are your favorite family traditions. And discuss which traditions ones you’d like to do with them and your future children.

Decide Which Traditions You’ll Do Together Every Fall

Now that you’ve discussed which pre-existing family traditions you want to carry over into your new family, you can talk about establishing new Fall traditions.

Have a brainstorm together, Try to pick traditions that reflect what Fall means to both of you. Be willing to compromise on some and be open to your partner’s ideas. After you’ve both decided on which Fall traditions to enact, jump right into them. Enjoy your family Fall traditions together!