The element that basically all LDR couples will tell you that they miss the most when they’re apart is touch. Touch is such an integral part of being human! People need to be touched. Start noticing how many times you shake hands or hug a friend, and you will see that it really makes you feel good. It’s then you’ll understand why sometimes lack of touch can be the one thing that takes an LDR down.

Fortunately for us, some good tech-savvy samaritans have created wearable gadgets that can really help. Take your long distance relationship to new heights with these hi-tech and wearable gadgets!

Haptic Gaming Vests

This 3rd Space™ Gaming Vest is an air-powered impact-generating computer gaming hardware designed to let the use feel in-game touches, blows or impacts as they happen. You can feel the direction and depth of several different forces, explosions and finger taps. It’s a really cool way to enhance your gaming experience. The vest can currently only be used with compatible games.

TapTap Scarf

TapTap is a wearable haptic system that allows nurturing human touch to be recorded, broadcast and played back for emotional therapy. Haptic input/output modules in a convenient modular scarf provide affectionate touch that can be personalized.

Based on haptic devices, taptap can be re-configured to record and play back the touch that is most meaningful to each user. It is made from felt in two layers: one grey one that faces the public and a pink layer that touches you and contains the haptic modules in specially designed pockets. Taptap can be worn as a regular scarf, and custom touch modules can be placed in powered pockets within to record and play back touch where and when you want it.


The Hug Shirt

How cool would it be if giving a hug was just as easy as a sending a photo, email or text message? That’s what Cute Circuit is attempting to create with their novel idea -the Hug Shirt! The shirt uses an app that runs on your cellphone to communicate between you and the person you love via bluetooth and the internet.

To send a hug simply hug yourself! The shirt instantly replicates the “sensation of touch, warmth and emotion” from a virtual hug delivered miles away. The only downfall is that it might be a little creepy to get a sudden hug out of nowhere.

The Hug Shirt is not currently available for purchase and the price is not available but it is our hope that one day soon it’ll be another cool thing distanced couples can use to feel closer.

Did we miss any other cool haptic wearables? We’re dying to know! If you know of any, be sure to leave a comment below.