Whether it’s your first visit or your 15th, you want it to be a special visit full of joy and sweet memories. Visits should strengthen your connection and allow you do things as a couple that you wouldn’t normally be able to do when you’re apart.

This may sound like a piece of cake, but if you’re not careful your visit could be ruined by a few rookie mistakes. So here’s a list of five things that will ruin a long distance visit.

1. Not having enough to do.

boredSo you traveled countless miles, traversed land and sea to be with this person so that you can… sit around and stare at each other? You want this to be more than just a staring contest. You want to make the most of the time you have together.

You want to make meaningful memories that you both can take home with you. If possible, show them some of the highlights and attractions of the city you’re in. Places like museums, zoos, your favorite restaurants.

Have a picnic at the park or the beach. Show them a good time. Wine and dine them.


2. Trying to do everything.

While you don’t want to sit around, you also don’t want to run around like a chicken with your head cut off trying to do everything. After all, there will be other visits. Sometimes when we finally have a visit we want to do all the things we’ve been dreaming about for so long.

However, doing too much will tire you both out and you won’t be able to enjoy any quality time together. So don’t feel like you have to go to every restaurant, every park, and every popular attraction. Taking a day just to play cards and drink tea at home is also a nice way to connect, make a memory and just enjoy being together.

3. Not actually spending any time together.

taxiI’m so glad you’re here! I got you a taxi so you can just wait at my place until I get off work and finish running errands. …Wait what?

Visits can be so far and few between, so we might feel a little cheated if the person we’re visiting is never around.

We all have responsibilities and need pay our bills, but it would be nice if we saved our vacation days for a visit from that special someone. That way we could spend as much time as possible together instead leaving our visitor waiting around for us.

4. Third wheeling.

“Hey remember that time we went to the place and did that thing? Haha! Doop! Doop!”

What am I talking about? You don’t know. Why? Because it’s an inside joke. Inside jokes are fun and natural, but it can suck a little when you’re the only one who doesn’t get it.

No one wants to be a third wheel! When you take your visitor to meet your family and friends, they don’t know about your traditions and inside jokes so they might feel a little left out if you don’t explain what’s going on.

5. Making all of the decisions alone.

aloneYou may have a whole agenda planned, but it’s important that you both enjoy yourselves. So talk to them about what they want to do before they arrive and during the visit. That you way you can be sure that they they are having a good time. And putting together an agenda can be a fun activity that you can work on together.

We’re all individuals with different tastes, so what constitutes “a good time” varies based our preferences. If you work together and avoid these five visit faux pas, then you will have enjoyable visit with lasting memories to take home with you.


These five things aren’t the only mistakes that could ruin a visit. If you think we forgot one or you have some experience with any of these, comment below and let us know!