There’s no shortage of information on how to survive your long distance relationship. As it grows more popular we see advice popping up on seemingly every website. Some that aren’t even remotely related to relationships at all -much less long distance relationships.

Seems like everyone wants to pipe in and give their 2 cents on a subject matter that is quite honestly slowly rising to popularity. You know how it is when things start to get popular. Everyone wants a piece of the action.

Today it seems that if you say “long distance relationship” people will flock to your thoughts, words and opinions in droves ready and willing to share their own stories, advice and criticisms. Or so it seems.

However its sad to say that not all this advice is good advice. The sacredness of what it means to be in a long distance relationship is slowly being devalued by the sheer amount of inaccurate information being shared with the community.

It’s important to remember that just because it’s marked as advice for people in long distance relationships does not mean that it’s advice that you should take. We’ve seen some really whacked out, way out there advice that really makes you wonder: What kind of advice is the RIGHT advice?

If you follow our Facebook page you may have seen that we featured a wonderful video by TheDanocracy which outlined the 8 best ways to “Maintain A Long Distance Relationship.”

The advice he gave was sound -something that we can really use as long distance couples. For someone who doesn’t seem to be in a long distance relationship everything he said was on point, not to mention super witty in the best way.

We wondered if there were other good advice givers out there and took to the thick jungles of youtube in search of other great videos that give practical advice for LDRs. Here’s what we found:


Michelle Phan recently uploaded a video about her own LDR and the things that worked and helped her maintain her own relationship. While the tips are the same lines of advice that we hear over and over for LDRs, the video was so adorable we couldn’t leave it out.


Your Tango uploaded this video 6 years ago in 2008. Just goes to show that good advice stands the test of time because their tips for LDRs are still very practical! From tips like “Remain Social” to “Talk regularly” and some funny re-enactments in between -we definitely recommend you check out this video. and Hannah Witton’s video features advice on long distance relationships as well, but from a bit of a different angle. They give the most practical and original of advice (meaning it’s not the same repeated advice we’ve all heard a million times!) Do you agree? Watch and see for yourself!

photo © 2007 Thomas van de Weerd, Flickr