One the best parts about being long distance is the fun and creative date nights that we get to share together! We at LDR Magazine love looking at all the photos of couples eating a meal together and getting all dressed up for a Skype date (you can find them all over Instagram!)

Those photos are so creative and so fun to look at! And we bet the dates are even more fun. I mean, what traditional couple gets to have a webcam date? It’s like a little mini adventure, all from the comfort of your bedroom.

There’s tons of way to spice up your date night, the best being to try and have the same meal together -maybe even cooking it together. But if you’re like me, cooking might not really be your forte and while there’s no shame in ordering out, you might wanna try these alternatives for sharing a meal together during a long distance date night.

1. Try The World


This is a really cool service that lets you try a box of food items from another country and explore other cultures right from home. Each month a new country is picked and only a few boxes are available to subscribe to.

Would you and your S/O love to try foods from Paris, Japan and Brazil? Check out this awesome subscription service together with your love and you guys can unwrap and share the boxes together in a really adventurous skype date!

Price: $39-$33/box

2. Blue Apron


Looking for something a little more traditional? Blue Apron is a good pick for you then. This service delivers a refrigerated box of ingredients and recipes that you can use to create a meal without the hassle of shopping. So, if you or your partner live in the USA, want to share an identical gourmet meal and just aren’t to greatest cooks, Blue Apron’s got you covered with tons of boxes to pick from -check them out!

Price: $59/week

3. Escape Monthly


This monthly subscription service is really similar to Try the World, but so different at the same time! And honestly, it looks so so cool! Instead of just getting foods from different place delivered to you monthly, you also get other cool cultural items from bath, spa & beauty to gourmet food, treats, and jewelry. This is great for couples who want to take their skype date from just another date to a full-blown cultural experience.

Price: $49/month

4. Treatsie


Okay, maybe you and your partner are more of a sweet-toothed pair. Never fear, Treatsie is here! Treatsie is a monthly subscription service that sends you all the sweet goods you could possibly want, each and every month. (OMG, is your mouth watering as much as mine is?)

Each month you get a box of the best gourmet sweets from vendors all over the USA. From toffee and caramels to cookies and brittle, if you and your S/O love cakes, cookies, pies and candies, this box is totally for you.

Price: $19/month

5. Turntable Kitchen



Turntable Kitchen’s Pairing box is probably THE most unique on this list. If you and your S/O are really into discovering new music and don’t mind pairing that with the art of creating a meal together (from afar) this service is going to blow you away!

Turntable Kitchen pairs music and food together by sending you a box with an Exclusive 7″ Vinyl and a Digital Mix-tape of new sounds for you to discover together, coupled with a recipe for a meal that compliments the playlist included. Definitely a truly unique way to share an experience together via a webcam date from a distance!

Price: $25/month

Have you used a subscription service to spice up your long distance date nights? Do you recommend any other services that would work well for a long distance date night? Leave a comment below!