My girlfriend and I love watching videos together online. One thing that really brings us together is watching long distance related videos since we find them to be very relatable. In our searches for fun things to watch together we were able to find seven Long Distance Relationship themed webseries that are fun to watch and easy to relate to!

Check them out for yourself! You and your s/o can enjoy watching these videos together for free online whenever you want.

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The Distance


“The Distance” is a 6 episode long mini series produced by Brandon Baker, that highlights the often overlooked personal details and struggles of couples in a long distance relationship. The series delves into the personal lives of Sam, September, Jonathon, and Alex, all four of whom are in long distance relationships.

 You can watch The Distance on or watch on vimeo.

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Director Jennifer Thym brings a new twist on the classic long distance relationship. “LUMINA” tells the tale of a young woman named Lumina Wong who one day discovers a man named Ryder Lee who lives in a realm through mirrors. Along this nine episode web series you learn about the three different realms and the secretive group that controls them.

You can watch LUMINA in 8 different languages on its official website or watch on youtube.

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Long Distance


Long Distance is a six episode web-series developed by Jeff Allen and Ted Barnes. “Long Distance” explores the development of a long distance relationship, starting from the very moment the two main characters Colby and Breanne meet. The two meet out of town at a party, hit it off and then exchange numbers. After going home to their respective cities, the two keep in touch while managing their romantic feelings for each other from afar.

You can watch Long Distance online on its official website or on youtube

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Comfort Food

​comfort food poster

William Scothern and Sandy Nicholson worked together to bring you an 8 episode web series by the name of “Comfort Food”. The show tells the story MyAnna and Gavin, two people struggling in a long distance relationship who turn to learning how to make different desserts together to bring them closer together.

Watch Comfort Food on it’s official website or online on

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Long Distance


Jeff Hiller is the mind behind “Long Distance” a mini web series about Matt and Jess, a couple learning the ropes of just what it means to be in a long distance relationship. This is a really funny series and I highly recommend it for any long distance couples who would like to watch something very relatable!

Watch Long Distance on Youtube or it’s official website!

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Long Distance


“Long Distance” by Meghann Murphy is a webseries about a couple who recently became a long distance couple. In this six episode webseries you will watch how Meghann and Craig work with each other to keep their relationship and sanity in one piece despite the big cities pushing them to their limits.

You can watch Long Distance on Vimeo or on it’s Website here.

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Love Distance


“Love Distance” tells the symbolic story of a man from Fukooka and a woman in Tokyo, Japan in a long distance relationship. Over the course of 8 episodes in this mini series this couple prove their love by running over 1,000 kilometers to meet one another. (In the end it turns out to be a month long Japanese advertisement for a condom, but it’s still pretty neat to watch.)

Watch Love Distance on Youtube.

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Enjoy viewing these seven web-series together! Make it into a date night and see which series you liked best! I’d love to hear which series you chose. You can let me know by leaving a comment on this article!