Getting together with with the people you care about is always a fun time. From your crazy girl and guy friends to your long distance bae,  it’s so refreshing to just back and relax with your crew. But being far away from your friends or s/o means that you can miss out on those Netflix and chill moments that you’d usually take for granted,

That’s why we’re so happy to introduce you to Watch2Gether, a social video website that allows you watch videos and spend quality time with long-distance friends and loves, no matter what ends of the Earth you’re on.

No registration is required to get started. Just enter a nickname and a viewing room is automatically created for you and your friends. Speaking of everyone, inviting your friends is easy! Just copy the link for your new room and pass it on to your friends yourself.

You can search for new youtube videos in a search bar provided below the chat, or simply paste a link to a video you already wanted to view. Rooms are usually deleted after 7 days. As an added feature you can now save your room by giving it a personal name so that you and your friends can always come back to it anytime you wish. Give it a try!