When you’re in a LDR it can get boring at times, but with these 5 simple tips you can make your dull and boring LDR an interesting and fun one!

#1: Ask questions

Asking one another questions not only kills time but also helps you get to know your S.O. a lot better. To start, you can ask them truth or dare questions. If you can’t think of any just google “truth or dare questions” and lots of suggestions will come up.

Another good question game you could play is “would you rather” where you ask your partner “would you rather this or that?” The last good question game I can think of is “what if.” These games are good because they allow you to spend time together & get to know another more in a fun way without having to think too hard about what you’ll be asking next.

#2: Co-op Games

The first co-op I played with my S.O. was dead island. I loved it because I got to do my two favorite things, kill zombies and talk to him. We have played many games together from ‘GTA 5’ to ‘Battleblock Theatre.’ As long as you both have the same game, same console, and some headphones you’re all set!

If you not a big gamer you two could always play a game on Facebook and have a competition. Don’t forget it’s okay to have a little friendly competition here and there.

#3: Skype Dates

Skype Dates are amazing especially when going on actual dates together is kind of impossible. Here’s one idea: plan on eating the same meal, put on a nice top (wear comfy bottoms, no one is going to see them) and enjoy your dinner with your S.O! Don’t forget to chat it up.

Another great Skype date idea is to watch a movie together, I suggest watching Netflix because you guys can watch as many movies as you like without interruptions from ads. But keep in mind that if you live in the U.S. and your S.O. lives in the U.K. you two might not have the same selection of movies to choose from.

If you don’t really like skype and are able to call each other on the phone, you can still have a date night that way too. You can even use Facebook video chat if you really like.

#4 Play The Newlywed Game

This is a great game for couples who have been together for a while. The Newlywed game tests how well you know the your partner. Be warned this game can cause fights between couples and I suggest that you only play this is you have a good sense of humor and won’t get mad if your S.O. answers any of the questions wrong. I know its meant for newlyweds but who cares! It’s still a fun game to play if you’ve been in a relationship together for a long time.

#5 Be Childish Together

My last tip to having an interesting relationship is don’t be afraid to be childish together. It doesn’t matter if you’re 45 and the Queen Of England, as long as your S.O. is happy then it’s all good. There is a fine line between teasing and bullying, so if you must poke fun at your partner, make sure your S.O. is able to tell that you’re teasing them.

Those are my tips, now share yours! What do you do to make your relationship more interesting?