What time is it? If you’re an LDR couple in an international relationship, those 4 words can give you some serious anxiety. Being 5-10 hours apart from the person you love can make something as simple as communicating with them extremely difficult.

You have to take into account if that person is going to be awake versus when you are, what they might be doing at that time of day & so on. That makes it extremely difficult to do anything with someone you love.

What if we told you there 3 free and simple apps that you could use to obliterate those pesky timezone induced problems from your relationship? That’s just what we’ve got for you in the form of a handy dandy infographic that picks up on last month’s article: 6 Ways to Deal with Long Distance Timezones


We think that these apps will definitely make navigating timezones a breeze! What about you?

Do you use these tools to manage your international LDR? We’d love to hear how they help your relationship!