Your love knows no distance; hows about a pillow to show it!

Today’s FREE printable is a state to state pillow (or pillow case) template that you can print out and use to apply to a customized pillow with you and your sweetheart’s locations.

All you need to create this is:

1. An Iron!
2. A red permanent marker
3. Fabric Transfer Sheets
4. One 9″ x 12″ Pillow
5. One 9″ x 12″ Pillow case! (optional!)
6. Our Printable Design
7. About 10 minutes of time

The cool thing about this project is you can transfer directly onto any throw pillow or you can transfer it to a pillow case. The design works best on a 9″ x 12″ pillow, you can apply it to any size really!

After you transfer the design onto your pillow or pillow case, You can use a permanent marker to draw hearts and connecting lines between your locations! Make a matching set for literally HALF of what you’d buy it for on Etsy.

When the average long distance pillow goes for $20 and up, you can’t beat this price (FREE) and the little bit of time it takes to make this!

To download this template along with instructions, keep scrolling. To purchase all the tools we used to to make this project, click the links above!

state-to-state-ldr-pillow_2 state-to-state-ldr-pillow_1

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