Carina lives in Cornwall & her partner John lives in Cardiff, Wales. There are 185 miles of distance between them. This is their story of how they met and how they are successfully maintaining their LDR.

How We Met:

I met john in my first year at college. I was studying an IT course at the time and I was trying to move on to study animation. He came into the class and I well, I would call it love at first site. I have my friends jack and Ollie to thank for introducing me to him.

We started hanging out in college and in the evenings we would go for long drives and walks across the beach, then one day I invited him over that was the first night we kissed and started our relationship. We were watching Labyrinth (the one with David Bowie) in the living room. He kissed me and asked if i would go out with him.

How we became Long Distance:

Well, it was John’s last year in college and he had already applied and been accepted a place for university in Wales before I met him. I didn’t want him to change where he was going for university just in case it didn’t work out, and I would feel bad as that’s where he wanted to go. If he didn’t go just for me I’d almost feel guilty. But lucky for us it did work out!


We’ve been in a long distance relationship for about a year and 4 months & its not long until our 2 year anniversary! It’s been amazing being together and the time has gone by so fast. John has almost finished his 2nd year in University and I’m in the last few months of college. Were hoping to move in together some point this year.

How Being Long Distance has shaped our Relationship:

I think it has helped us become stronger not just as a couple but as individuals. Being long distance makes you realize how much you love someone, and that in life you do have to work for things -even relationships. You have to trust each other and be patient. You may have to wait a few weeks or months to see them but it will come around soon.

Most importantly we have learned how to trust each other. We have our moments like every relationship does but we have learned to work it out. When you’re in an LDR you don’t want to spend the time you have arguing, as time is so precious to you. I would not change the way our relationship has been at all it has been an amazing experience! At times its been hard to handle but we always pulled through. I hope that when we move in together we will still be just as strong.

Obstacles We’ve Faced Together:

The hardest thing for us both has been fitting our relationship around our education.  I am able to get time off to see him a lot easier than he is. Almost every time I go visit him I hardly see him because he is in uni all day, but its still amazing when I do get to spent time with him.

I also find it annoying that when I get my half term he is still in uni, but when I go back to college its his half term.  It gets really frustrating but you learn to live with it. I also have to fit in traveling around with my work as well, but they are surprisingly understandable about my situation.


My family members have been really supportive since my older sister was also in a LDR for 4 years and is now engaged and living with him. My mum and dad were also in a long distance relationship and they have now been married for 26 years! This gives me a lot of hope that things will work out in the end.

My friends have mixed feelings about my situation.  One of my friends thinks it’s amazing and is always there for me on days when I’m down and need someone to talk to about my frustrations. My other friend tells me the complete opposite.

What I love about being in an LDR:

In all honesty, I love the traveling! I think anyone who is in a long distance relationship can understand where I’m coming from. When you’re on that last bit of the journey and you get this huge rush, the butterfly’s really hit you. I love that. I also love that first hug. It’s not like any other hug you will get. You feel safe and happy and as if the whole world has just stopped.

How we stay connected:

We keep in touch through Facebook and Skype mostly. I try not to use Skype all the time because then I start to miss John more and I just start to feel really down. I really want to write him letters but I just don’t have the time yet. I will soon though.

Our Advice to other long distance couples like us:

It is a hard thing being in an LDR, and everyone one copes in different ways. I personally think that you need to keep yourself occupied to take your mind off of missing your partner. I have done a ridiculous amount of reading in the past year. ( I’ve read all of the Game Of Thrones books and several others!)

My other advice would be to spend time with others! It may be your friends or your family members. It’s good to tell them how you’re feeling. Let’s face it, crying into a pillow and eating a tub of ice cream doesn’t make anyone feel better!

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