Hello, my name is Andrianna and my SO’s name is Matthew. I live in Indiana, USA & my partner lives in Kansas, USA. There are 640 miles between us.

andrinannaandmatthew3Matthew and I met on the dating website OkCupid. I actually was not interested in being in a long distance relationship (I had been in ldrs before and they hadn’t worked out) but when I was on the website one day I was suggested to go to his profile.

I was immediately drawn to his honesty and how sweet he seemed on his profile. It’s funny to say that when I decided to message him I was in a really bad mood but when he wrote me back my mood changed quick!

We spent a few hours messaging back and forth on the website till he suggested we talked on Skype. I was so nervous to! But the moment he answered I was extremely attracted to how he spoke, we spent four hours talking on Skype that night. After that we have been practically inseparable.

Our whole relationship has been a long distance one but we’ve been together twenty-two months, so close to our two year anniversary! Our first initial meeting was six months into the relationship when I drove ten hours to meet him with my mom, but it was only for one day.

The next meeting, six months later, he stayed at my sister’s with me for two weeks. Our last meeting in July 2014 was when I went to Kansas and stayed for three weeks. We’re so looking forward to the next time we can see one another!

How Being Long Distance Shaped Our Relationship

andrinannaandmatthew4I can’t say that I believe Matthew and I would be as close if it weren’t for meeting like we did. We’re both really nervous people so spending six months of talking before we met caused our first face to face interaction to be effortless.

The moment we sat down on the couch together I was comfortable with him. He is the first person I’ve ever dated that I do not feel nervous with.

I feel indescribably comfortable with him every time we’re in person and we act like we see each other every day instead of every six months. The long distance I believe takes some of the pressure off of us unlike close distance relationships plus it’s been great for our communication.

The Obstacles We Face Being LDR

The obstacle we face with being in an LDR is not being able to spend as much time together as we would like. Life gets busy with school and work and sometimes being able to sit down on the computer and talk isn’t possible.

Also some of my family members have not been as approving as I wish they could, though most of our family members have come to see us as a real couple.

We overcome these obstacles by being understanding to how life can get in the way of our time together and also remembering how much we love each other and that in the end it’s us and always will be.

Things I Love About Being in an LDR

What I would say I love about being in an LDR is through the amount of communication not in person we’ve had together, our time in person is so much more precious but also very comfortable because we know one another so well.

How We Stay Connected

In order to stay connected Matthew and I Skype almost every night, we’ve been putting Skype to work with how many hours we talk! We hold old fashioned phone conversations and we use the Couple app. We also on occasion have been known to send letters and gifts to one another through the mail.

Our Advice To Other Couples

The advice we would give to other LDR couples is first, communicate! Do not ever stop communicating, find new and fun ways to talk and share. It’s important to remember there can and will be an end to the distance and be sure to always have your trip to visit one another planned. Even if it’s three years from now and it might not happen, talk like it’s happening and get excited. Lastly, and the most important, is stay positive!