LDRCouple_Scott_LouiseHi, my name is Scott and my partner? Her name is Louise. I live in America & she lives in Scotland. There are 3,728 miles of distance between us and this is our story…

Neither one of us was expecting too much from this site as it seemed like a bunch of desperate people. But one day I get a notification that “Lou” sent me a message.

The moment I opened the message and saw her…. It was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.. Her eyes, her smile and it was like I could read her Heart and Soul… My soul said….

“ah…. There she is!”

The message said “I Like your Smile.” That was it. For me it was Love at first sight. I noticed she had a tattoo on her arm and I responded back… “I like your smile too and your tattoo..” I then noticed she was from Scotland and I then added “Why do you live so far away? lol”

We started messaging back and forth and were really hitting it off. It was nice to find someone that wasn’t super desperate and I had such an amazing connection with. I had never felt this way towards someone and I just wanted to learn anything and everything about her… and her me. We friended each other on Facebook and started to Skype. I had to make sure I wasn’t getting Catfished.. lol. She was real!

I had gone to Hawaii to visit friends and teach Freediving. While in Hawaii we continued to Skype and she had mentioned that it would be great if we could meet in person. I agreed and without her knowing… I booked my flight to Scotland to fly out there in 2 weeks. I told her what I had done and she was Happy, Nervous and excited.. I was pretty Nervous myself.

LDRCouple_Scott_Louise1It seemed kind of crazy to just take a leap like this..

but I was so sure about this connection and KNEW in my Heart and Soul that She was my One True Love, My Soul Mate. I had to go and take this chance. Or regret it for the rest of my life.

So on April 30th, 2015 I flew over to Scotland with the intentions of staying for 2 weeks. This was so we could meet in Person and see if this connection, this chemistry was Real. It was a long Flight 16 hrs total.

As I was coming towards the meeting area, I immediately spotted her and couldn’t stop smiling. She was the Most Beautiful Woman I have ever seen in my Life!! I was a smiling Fool! She came up to me and into my arms and we kissed!!! It was so wonderful!! We were both overwhelmed with Joy and Happiness!

We both are excited as life is about taking chances and we both had a great feeling about this. We spent every moment together getting to know each other and it was Instant True Love. Neither one of us had felt this way about someone the way we were feeling.

LDRCouple_Scott_Louise1aWe’re both 39yrs old had been married for 10+ yrs each and each had 3 kids. Reminded me of the Brady Bunch. The Love we felt for each other really made us realize that we had LOVED before.. but we had never experienced TRUE LOVE or been IN LOVE with someone. It was such a great feeling and a relief to be able to find someone that completes you.

Well, my 2 week stay turned into 6 weeks.

I had to fly back to America for my oldest Daughters 13th Birthday in Mid June. But I was so in Love and as soon as I left we missed each other so much. I knew I had to go back and ask her to marry me. So I flew back 2 weeks later and I had bought an engagement ring. It had lots of small diamonds and was really sparkly, which I knew she’d love.

When I landed, going through my Luggage I noticed the bag that had the ring and a few other things was missing. The zipper wasn’t open so I knew it hadn’t fallen out. I believe someone at one of the airlines stole it. It was stupid of me to put it in my luggage, but I didn’t want to have such an expensive item on me and get harassed by TSA. I wasn’t really thinking and putting it there was a bad decision. So, I contacted the Jewelry store that I had bought it from and had them send me ANOTHER one!

12004051_10153168325283581_8373270577978383554_nWe both LOVE the Ocean, The Beach and so I knew I wanted to propose to her on the Beach. The problem that we were coming across was it rains in Scotland almost everyday. Or we had her 3 boys with us and I wanted it to be Just US. Then on July 21st we happened to have a really nice evening, low wind, sunny, no kids and I was ‘thinking’ we should go to the beach and I could propose. She then says “We should go for a walk on the beach since it’s so nice!” It was like she read my mind!

So we went to the beach and sat in the sand listening to the waves roll in, holding each other and just enjoying the moment. I was wanting to propose at sunset and around that time we started walking, holding hands and then I got down on one knee, she then also got down on her knees (lol) I told her she can stay standing, she said “No, I’m fine.” she didn’t realize what I was doing.

I then told her how much I Love Her and How happy she makes me and that I could never live without her. I asked her to be my Wife. She said “What?” and just looked at me. Not the reaction I was expecting. She then said “Are you serious? Oh my Gosh!” I put the Ring on her finger and she started to cry with happiness and shake. She hugged me so hard I couldn’t breathe. After a minute of strong hugging I said “Is that a Yes?” She was crying and said “YES!! Absolutely!!” We were both so happy and continued to hug and kiss on the beach as the Waves Rolled in and the Sun Set.

We determined we want to spend the rest of our lives together now we needed to figure out Logistics. Being from different countries wasn’t going to be easy. Two people in Love (from different Countries) can’t just GO and get married. As we were finding out, per the UK Government, that even if we got married I couldn’t stay and live life with her as she didn’t not meet the Financial requirement set by the UK GOV.

LDRCouple_Scott_Louise1bWe didn’t understand this, as if I were to stay and work, I would be contributing to her income. But that’s not how it works. (I could really get into this messed up system, but maybe another time) So, we discussed all our options and Lou had always wanted to move to either Canada or America anyways. So this was now our new plan. Ultimately relocate back to Kauai (Hawaii) as that is my Promise land.

As an American I can stay in the UK for 6 months total on a vistor visa. That time was dwindling down and we decided it would be best for our FUTURE if I flew back and work and save as it is easier for me to save in America than it would be for her.

We originally were going to get married on October 13, but we decided I should save space on my visa so I could come back for visits now and then. So, I booked my flight for the next week. I told Lou, I don’t need someone to marry us for me to say my vows to her or give her a ring. In my heart we were Husband and Wife.

She agreed, but contacted the Registry to let them know we weren’t getting married in October. The Registry told her they had an opening on September 8th (the day before I flew back). We originally wanted to get married on the beach, but at this moment we will take what we can get. We had less than a Week to prepare for this small wedding and could only have 2 witnesses. We both wrote our own vows which was surprisingly easy to tell her of my love and my promise to her as her husband.

So September 8th had arrived and we were both Happy and in the back of our minds, Sad. As we knew I’d be leaving the next day. We went to the Registers “Marriage Room” and I said my Vows. Everyone in the room teared up and then Lou said her vows.

It was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard and I teared up myself.


Lou was so beautiful as she always is, but her beauty this day was almost magical. After 10 mins we were officially Husband and Wife. We went down to the St Andrews Castle and took a couple Wedding Pictures. Then we had a “little time” to ourselves before having to go pick the boys up from school. Even though it was our ‘Wedding’ Day, I wanted to spend as much time with them as well. I Love them and was going to miss them just as much. Even now.. writing this, thinking about them I’m starting to tear up. (you have to know that before I met Lou, I was never an emotional guy. But this Love has made sense to all those Love Songs, Love Quotes, etc… ) My Heart was Truly opened up to them and they are My Family. I Love them and would do ANYTHING for ANY of them.

So, I Flew back on September 9th. The day after the Happiest Day of my Life was the worse day of my life.. They day I had to leave my loved ones behind. But we knew this was the thing we had to do, otherwise we are just sitting in limbo. It was a long horrible flight back. I felt sick with sadness. I hated having to leave them. So even though it’s only been 16 days. It feels like an eternity.

We text, talk and skype when we can and we know The Best is Yet to Come, but this in the meantime is horrible.

12002867_10153168516903581_550782129730018870_n%20-%20Copy%20-%20CopyQ: How has being long distance shaped your relationship?

I would say not being together isn’t really Hurting our relationship, but it’s definitely not Helping. Nothing would be better than Us together as a Family. Living Life together, contributing as a family, making memories. But this is the life we have to work with at the moment.

I always send her little messages/Texts so that she gets them when she wakes up. We share pictures and communicate quite a bit. Trying to make the best of it until we meet again.

Lou is coming to Wisconsin to visit me and meet my 3 daughters (which they are excited to meet her, as they’ve seen pictures and heard all about her) in October. It will be so nice to be reunited with my Love and pretty sure we will be MIA for a couple days 😉

Q: What are the obstacles you face being LDR & how do you overcome them?

Not being able to hug, kiss or touch in person is difficult. Then we hear a song that reminds us of each other or our love and makes us sad. But I’m always trying to remain strong and keep sending her positive text messages, encouraging her that everyday is a day closer to the Rest of our lives. Even though I cry almost everyday now, she doesn’t know. I just try to let her know that Things will be better and to be strong. Neither one of us would ever give up on this love.. no matter how long it takes for us to be together. A Love like this really only happens ONCE in a Lifetime… if Your Lucky.

Our visits, Skyping, and constant communication is key to giving us a glimmer of hope and happiness. Love concurs all.


Q: What are the things you love about being in an LDR?

I don’t love anything about it.. so far. Everyday we’re not together makes me sad. But I know that each Day is a day closer to the Best Days of our Lives. It makes us miss each other so much that I can anticipate that our reunions are going to be very Passionate and constant affection. So I can’t complain about that. 🙂

Q: How do you stay connected while you’re apart?

We Message each other throughout the day via Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp. When we have time we Skype and it really makes being apart a little better as we get to see each other LIVE. I will soon be sending little Love Letters out in the mail. Also before I Left, I wrote a bunch of Love Notes on Post-its and hid them around her house. To my knowledge there are still about 10 she hasn’t found.

LDRCouple_Scott_Louise1cQ: What helpful advice would you give to other LDR couples?

Make time, put in effort to tell or show the other person how much you love them and what they mean to you. Stay positive and focus on your goals. Keep all negative comments or people out of your life, there’s no room for that. Be Open and Honest with each other.

I’m not sure about other guys but I’ve never been a real Romantic, but with Lou it’s different. It seems to come naturally and I would do anything and everything to make her happy. I don’t ever want her to question if I “still” Love her. I want her to know without a doubt. I will never stop trying to have her fall in Love with me Over and Over.

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