There are several things that people in long distance relationships take for granted. Some of these things, like the distance itself, is so often considered a con that we overlook the things that the time apart has given us. I never thought I would say that something good came out of being forced to wait so long, but it has.

Most of us have all been there. Watching everyone else with their loved ones at hand. Meanwhile we text and if we’re lucky (and the internet connection is right) we video chat with our loved one. However, have you noticed many normal couples get together and break apart quickly?

Some couples get in such a hurry to be with someone, they burn themselves out and just as quickly as they appeared, they’re gone. With a long distance relationship, you are constantly bonding with one another and strengthening your relationship.

Over the years that I’ve been in a long distance relationship, I’ve seen the above happen time and time again, and its a constant reminder of how lucky I am to have had the opportunity to grow to really love someone. While it’s important to remember that no relationship is perfect, in a long distance relationship you can really smooth things out and strengthen each other.

Every relationship is about commitment, but when you enter into a long distance relationship, you take on a whole new level.


When you grow to hang on and look forward to every new message from your significant other, you are experiencing something that “normal” couples usually do not experience . The couples that do experience this are usually later in their relationship and Long Distance Relationships approach this stage quickly.

This means that every video chat, every phone call, every picture and every chance you get to further connect with your partner means so much more to you.

In the time spent working to close the gap, both my significant other as well as myself have learned quite a lot about  ourselves and are always working on improving ourselves. I never would have imagined, especially in the earlier stages of our relationship, that I could ever learn and love so much without ever being close to the other party.

All in all, if you look over your relationship there are many things that make a long distance relationship special. We are all in a unique circumstance and I personally wish you all the best of luck. Remember, Distance is only temporary.