Hi, I’m Molly, a new author and contributor here on LDR Magazine. I had been in (and survived) an LDR that started when I left my husband in America to fly back to the UK on August 28th 2009. We maintained our marriage over thousands of miles, and were finally reunited on October 4th 2013. A very long and arduous four years, one month and six days apart.

As an LDR survivor, I thought I would share some tips about how to get through it, and to just keep on keeping on. I hope you find them useful!

Don’t put your life on hold | It is important to continue to do the things you normally do in your life and not just exist until you are with your loved one again. It helps to keep your mind on other things apart from missing your partner, plus it gives you experiences to share with each other.

Be flexible when making time for each other | Due to time differences and daily routines, it can be hard to find time to spend together when you are still a distance apart. Modern technology makes it possible, but you still need to have a flexible attitude when managing it.

Be organised | It may sound unromantic, but you need to be prepared to get your schedules out and find time to be with each other. As your life, and your partner’s life continues and everyday stuff happens, it is necessary to get organised about how you go about it.

Share the good and the bad | As things happen in your day (good and bad), you need to make your partner feel a part of what is going on in your life. Pretending everything is great all of the time is not how life is – and your partner won’t be fooled – be open and include them.

These are just a few things I found really helped me get through my LDR, and I hope they have been some help to you too. If you are currently going through a relationship at a distance, hang in there, they do work and you can get through it!

Thanks for reading,


 Photo © 2009 Quinn Dombrowski, Flickr